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Yournhsneedsyou Com Hope It Suffice the Need!

Learn more about the article and find all the details on campaign, called YournhsneedsYou Com Campaign that will help to save your NHS.

Are you aware you are aware that the Health and Care Bill made by the government will slash the public health service? Are you ready to stand up for the NHS? If so, then you’re at the right place to share this article. We will present you with the site that has organized a protest to end the health care bill.

Since then, it was discovered that the administration of United Kingdom is intending take over the privatization of NHS. It is the Younhsneedsyou Com has been created to help support the NHS and to protect their property and buildings from private-sector interference.

About this site

It’s an online platform created to run campaigns to protect NHS NHS away from the privatized American system. When the new bill NHS will be replaced by the private sector. NHS is going to be replaced with the private sector that earns profits. As a result, all profits will be directly deposited to those pockets of the private healthcare companies.

The primary goal of the platform is to block the bill, and also to organize an effort prior to that replacement NHS. Therefore, a large amount of participation and support is required.

What is YournhsneedsYou Com aid in saving your NHS?

You must take a handful of steps to help save the NHS. The steps are as follows:

  • Sign the petition calling to stop the privatization process of the NHS.
  • Find the email address for your MP. Make them aware of the bill and stand in support of the NHS.
  • Make use of all your accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram along with Tik Tok to get everyone aware of how important it is to have the NHS.
  • Make use of Hashtags along with web addresses to accompany your article.
  • Go to Twitter and tweet your tweets by tweeting @Boris Jhonson@Conservatives @Conservatives @ the @UK Labour.
  • Please share the details of this initiative with contacts via WhatsApp as well as other social media platforms.

So, Yournhsneedsyou Com is a place where people can meet and fight for the health care law.

What are patrons of the “Your NHS Needs You” Campaign?

Doctors are in support of this campaign, as do celebrities MPs from Labour and Greens, Unite the Union, The Citizen, The Communication Union, Every Doctor, Coalition of Disabled People Inclusion of chronic illness, as well as a variety of other organizations.

The bill is currently making its way through parliament, so the priority now is to support the petition by ever more people. When it’s approved it will be quite difficult to change it. This is why Yournhsneedsyou.com will allow us all to safeguard our NHS.

What are the user’s comments on the site?

The site’s users are impressed by the goal the site declares to achieve, which is to safeguard health care in the NHS away from private healthcare services. They have rated 5-stars on the Facebook page of the website.


In closing the article In the final paragraph, we have provided all the essential details about the campaign with you. The website is specifically created to block the bill from being approved. Be a part in this ongoing campaign and sign-up to the petition on Yournhsneedsyou.com.

What do you think about the health care law? Let us know and we will share your views with us.

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