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Why Is Roblox Not Working on My Phone 2021 Read Here!

In this article we’ve discussed the reasons behind Roblox not working on my Phone 2021 and the issues that users are experiencing because of it.

Are you a regular Roblox user? Are you unable to log into your Roblox account? Are you interested in knowing the reason behind this? If so, read this article.

The most popular web-based gaming site Roblox is currently offline, and Roblox players around the world, particularly within the United States, want to know what is happening. In this article we’ll discuss what’s wrong with Roblox not working on my Phone 2021.

What Has Happened to Roblox?

Roblox, the online gaming platform Roblox is down since October 28, 2021, 10:30 pm GMT 28th October 2021, 06:30 PM at Washington DC USA, or 29th October 2021, 04:00 AM Indian Standard Time.

According to a tweet posted by the most well-known Roblox group that is on Twitter, Roblox Status, the Roblox server has been unavailable for over two hours. The page also tweeted that users have been unable to log into the accounts they have on Roblox.

In the wake of this downtime the company has lost a total of one million users worldwide count at present. Before you know the reason behind why Roblox not working on my phone in 2021 Let’s take an examination of what has changed with the Roblox server in the last few hours.

What is the reason for Roblox Today down?

There’s no official announcement by Roblox through Twitter as well as other media sites. However, Roblox’s Twitter account Roblox is tweeting that Roblox engineers Roblox are aware of the problems users are experiencing.

They also stated that the engineers are currently working on the issue and trying to discover the root of the issue. However, as of right now they aren’t able to pinpoint the root of the issue.

Many thousands of Roblox users around all over the world are sharing their problems in Twitter. Before you know more about What is the reason Roblox not working on my Phone 2021 You should learn about the problems and issues that Roblox users are experiencing.

What Issues are Roblox Users Facing?

There are many issues that users encounter on Roblox in the moment, and report via Twitter as well as other popular social networks. We’ve created an inventory of the most frequently reported issues for players. This is the list:

  • Players are experiencing authentication issues. They’re getting kicked out of their accounts in a flash and aren’t able login.
  • Developers can’t use Roblox Studio.
  • The audio, image video, image, and other content aren’t loading.
  • In-game content isn’t loading.
  • It appears that the API Thumbnail is also not available.

Why Is Roblox Not Working on My Phone 2021?

According to the online platform Down Detector, more than 29 thousand users have submitted reports about their issues on their website.

According to their findings that 55 percent of users have complained about issues with the Roblox website. Nearly 32% are experiencing problems logging in and 12 percent had server connectivity issues.

While there is no official explanation, Roblox users are assuming that Roblox hasn’t upgraded their servers, which could have caused these issues.


Roblox users are experiencing huge issues with their platform. The platform’s online presence is becoming less reliable due to this outage that is global. We wish that the server will be back in the near future. Check out the Down Detector to learn more.

This article on Roblox’s Problems working on my Phone 2021 useful to you? If yes, please comment down below about why you believe Roblox has gone down.

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