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Why did Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Break up: Why They Split Up?

Why did Scott Disick and Sofia Richie break up? Find out the full details about Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s love story and why they split up.

Why did Scott and Sofia break up?

Scott Disick, Sofia Richie have ended their three-year romance. Their breakup wasn’t publicly announced, but rumors suggest their age difference and different priorities played a major role. Scott, at 37, was looking for a relationship and family. Sofia, only 21 years old, preferred to concentrate on her career and enjoy the early part of her 20s. Scott’s past of drug abuse and excessive partying caused issues in their relationship, and Sofia wanted Scott to focus on his well-being and mental health. They remain friendly and have been seen together ever since.

When did Scott and Sofia break up?

Scott Disick, Sofia Richie and their breakup was confirmed in summer 2020. Couple had been dating for three years, since 2017. Their breakup has now been confirmed. Their breakup was due to the age difference. The couple were having difficulties because of their different priorities and sources say that they simply had different life stages. Scott spent time with Kourtney, his ex-partner with whom he has three children, after their breakup. Sofia, meanwhile, was said to be focusing on both her modeling career and her time with family.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie relationship timeline

Scott Disick’s and Sofia Richie’s relationship began in September 2017. Rumors of their romance started to spread after they were first spotted on a boat in Cannes, France. The couple was photographed cuddling and holding hands, which sparked speculation they were dating. Neither of them confirmed that they were dating at the time. Scott and Sofia were photographed together in Venice, Italy a month later. They were enjoying a romantic cruise through the famous canals of the city. It was confirmed that the couple were dating.

November 2017

Scott and Sofia celebrated Sofia’s 19th birthday in Mexico. The couple were seen taking romantic strolls and enjoying each other on the beach.

December 2017

Scott and Sofia celebrated Christmas in Aspen, Colorado. They were spotted skiing and enjoying snowy weather.

January 2018

Scott and Sofia appeared together for the first time as a couple in public at a party held in Malibu. The couple was seen holding hands, and they looked very in love.

March 2018

The couple went on a romantic getaway to Mexico where they were photographed enjoying each other’s company and cuddling together.

June 2018

Scott and Sofia were in the news when they were seen having a heated debate in a Miami-area restaurant. They quickly reconciled and were spotted holding hands the following day.

August 2018

Scott and Sofia spent her 20th Birthday in Mexico. The couple were seen dancing and having fun together on a beach.

October 2018

They had a short split, but soon reconciled. The couple was seen together at an Halloween party, which confirmed that they are back together.

May 2019

Scott and Sofia celebrated one year of marriage. The couple marked the occasion with sweet messages posted on Instagram.

August 2019

The couple took a trip to Italy along with Scott’s former girlfriend Kourtney and their kids. The couple were spotted taking photos and enjoying the sights in Italy together.

May 2020

Scott and Sofia, according to reports, took a break. They reconciled shortly after.

June 2020

Sofia posted an cryptic Instagram message hinting at possible breakup. She shared a quotation that read: “Remember to tell yourself you are doing your best.” That’s the best you can do. Love you all.”

August 2020

After three years of dating, Scott and Sofia have officially called it quits. Although the reasons for their breakup are unclear, sources close the couple have cited the age difference between them and their different priorities as contributing factors. Scott and Sofia are both moving on, pursuing their careers and personal life despite their split.

What is Scott Disick all about?

Scott Disick was born in Eastport, New York, on May 26, 1983. He is an American businessman, reality TV model, and well-known. Disick was born into a wealthy family. He attended college, but dropped out. Disick began dating Kardashian, and the relationship was documented on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Disick became popular with fans for his snarky remarks and party boy antics. Mason, Penelope and Reign are the couple’s three children. They ended their relationship however in 2015 when Disick’s alcoholism and substance abuse became to much for Kardashian. Disick was seen with model Sofia Richie in recent times, but they broke up in 2020.

Sofia Richie – Who is she?

Sofia Richie, a fashion designer and model, was born on August 24, 1998 in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter Lionel Richie, and Diane Alexander. Sofia began her career as a model back in 2014. She has worked for several prominent fashion brands including Tommy Hilfiger Chanel and Michael Kors. She has appeared in many fashion magazines. Sofia Stone, her own fashion label, was launched in 2012. Sofia has appeared on several reality TV shows including Keeping Up with the Kardashians which featured her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. Sofia and Scott are still on good terms despite their split and both seem to be focusing on their careers.


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