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Why Choose the MERN Stack for Web Application Development

In this article, we are going to discuss one such technology tool, the MERN Stack Development – ​​which seems quite popular among startups in 2021-2022.

The stack we’re talking about is what makes MERN so special.

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express.JS, React and Node.js. It is a set of technologies, solutions and tools. The end goal of using a stack is to help developers be agile in their development.

Why do you need a MERN stack?

Startups are not similar to businesses. The philosophy of a startup is totally different. They build small (read prototype) and fast. Iterations are done during each development phase so that startups can create a working prototype and then build from there.

As you can see, it’s all about agile development. To facilitate this state of thought and execution, the MERN stack or any other stack, in general, is used.

The MERN stack is a JavaScript-based stack. It’s four components below.

  1. **MongoDB → **is the document database that manages the backend of a web application. It stores data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents. It’s basically a No-SQL concept.
  2. Express.JS → Express.JS is a backend application framework. It runs on Node.js
  3. React → It manages all the frontend of an application. It allows developers to create a dynamic user interface by running JavaScript in a web browser.
  4. Node.js → This is the last component of the MERN stack, it is Node.js. It is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to implement a JavaScript-based application backend.

MERN is getting popular with every passing day. This is because it offers a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate agile methodology. Another big reason for its popularity is its JavaScript affiliation. JavaScript has always been the number one choice when it comes to building web applications.

Another JavaScript-focused stack is the MEAN stack. In this stack, Angular replaces React as one of the components. MEAN is also popular among startups.

How does the MERN stack work?

The frontend is served by the backend part of the application using a server. The backend is managed by ExpressJS, on top of NodeJS.

The MongoDB database handles the database aspect of the web application. NodeJS handles the data request and fetches the required data from the MongoDB database. Once done, it then sends the data to the frontend, which is then presented to the user based on the UI components.

Benefits of the MERN stack for startups

In this section, we will look at the benefits of using the MERN stack development for startups. We have already gone over all the basic components and what they have to offer. Each of the components has something unique and meaningful to offer and directly affects a startup’s agile development philosophy.

  • Large community: MERN has a large supporting community. The reason behind its large community is JavaScript. As a startup, you can still access tons of resources related to MERN or its components. Each of the components is well documented and has people willing to provide solutions. This means that startups are free to play with their ideas.
  • A full package: MERN offers a full-stack development environment. This means end-to-end development. Startups don’t have to worry about other technologies or tools because they get everything by using the stack itself.
  • MVC architecture support: MERN supports the Model View Controller architecture, which allows developers to easily develop a workflow.
  • Availability of talent: A startup always needs the talent to realize its ideas. If they’re using new technology that’s still evolving, they’ll have a hard time finding the talent they need to complete the project. MERN is popular among developers due to JavaScript affiliation. In short, startups will have no trouble finding talent for their projects.
  • Open source: All four components are open source, which means a startup doesn’t have to worry about licensing issues with MERN.
  • Testing tools: MERN comes with its own set of testing tools.


This brings us to the end of our article, where we briefly discussed MERN and then focused on its benefits and popularity of MERN. There is no doubt that the popularity of MERN stems from its components and the use of JavaScript. Another reason for its popularity is its low learning curve, easy implementation, open-source nature, and MVC support.

All of these factors are more than enough to make MERN a viable tech candidate for any startup. Of course, this isn’t the only stack startups can choose from. MEAN is also a great alternative for startups looking for a Javascript stack for their project. The main difference here is the use of Angular.js.


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