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Why Choose Serverwala’s High-Performing Dedicated Server India?


You have to find a web hosting service to launch your company’s website online and make it more accessible to everyone using the internet. You might initially not think it matters exactly what sort of web host you pick.

However, the web hosting provider you pick becomes important when it comes to managing web traffic, achieving maximum uptime, delivering top-notch website performance, or receiving other hosting advantages. Every company website has a unique set of requirements, therefore different web hosting servers could be properly considered.

Anyone who wants to succeed in their internet business as quickly and easily as possible and who also wants to attract a large amount of traffic shouldn’t second-guess buying the leading Dedicated server India. The dedicated server is the best web hosting option and can support practically any type of online business.

The purpose of dedicated server hosting for your company is discussed in this article, along with information on where to find the best-dedicated server hosting plans. Let’s start by understanding the use and operation of the dedicated server in India.

About Dedicated Server India

Unlike hosting on a shared server, a dedicated server in India doesn’t push you to combine your server space and online resources with any other company, website, and user. You are granted several administrative rights in addition to total control over your server.

A dedicated server is a website hosting service that lets you use all of your space and resources to operate your online business. It provides a private, independent, and standalone hosting platform as well as resources that are reserved.

As a result, the best dedicated server India is much more costly than any other hosting services platform. Yet, you can still regard a dedicated server hosting package as being cost-effective to your online business since it delivers total value for your long-term investment.

How does India Dedicated Server Work for Business Website?

Even though several variables may influence how well your dedicated server India fits your needs, we have highlighted some of the most important ones here:

Increased data security

Your online business receives an independent and exclusive hosting platform that contributes to complete data security when you use the Cheap Dedicated Server India. No one has the power to disrupt the function of your server, either physically or virtually. Additionally, you have the option of adding as many security precautions as needed to safeguard the information on your company website from all security risks.

Server adaptability

Customization options are available for your dedicated server. You can use the best appropriate operating system and the needed software to run your internet business. In addition, you gain access to advanced resources that you can adjust in scale according to the demands of the professional website.

Full Root Access

Full root privileges to your dedicated server could be made available to you by your service provider. With root access to your server, you could quickly adjust its configurations to meet the needs of your company website. Also, you could easily run the dedicated server on your own and maintain it.

Optimal SEO position

With India dedicated hosting, your company website gets a special Internet address, elevated & maximum performance, the quickest web page load time, as well as the highest level of data protection. All of this helps your company website achieve the highest potential rating on the search results.

Serverwala’s High Performing Dedicated Server India

To purchase a powerful  Dedicated Server in India, finding a reputable and trustworthy hosting provider is essential. It helps you to make the greatest use possible of the dedicated server.

In the field of data centers, Serverwala represents one of the most well-known and influential.

With the most cost-effective web hosting packages for dedicated servers, it offers top-notch solutions and cutting-edge facilities based on current and long-lasting technology. Additionally, the data center gives your web business accessibility to unrestricted bandwidth, the greatest level of connectivity, enterprise-grade technology, and a variety of other hyper-scale solutions.

Advantages of Dedicated Server India By Serverwala

RAID hardware

Hardware RAID is supported on Serverwala’s bare metal servers. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 variants are all readily available as needed.

High-Speed Bandwidth

The enhanced bandwidth is available on your company’s website. This also helps in providing the quickest network for your website. It is possible to achieve a bandwidth of 100 MBPS up to 1 GBPS with Serverwala.

Individual VLAN Subnets

The Serverwala data center guarantees that its dedicated server plans include 100 Gigabits per second of virtual LAN subnets. You have the option to create private server groups easily.

Dependable network

Network communication between the various Internet Exchanges is integrated at the Serverwala data centers. Strong, consistent, and highly secure pathways give support to your company’s website.

Both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses

With the dedicated server from Serverwala, you get one IPv4 and IPv6 address for your company’s site. Additionally, you have the advantage of buying more IPs for your internet business anytime you need them at an added charge.

An SLA regulates services.

A service level agreement is included with each hosting solution or package of the best dedicated server India. Reliable uptime of 99.90% and backup power are guaranteed by the agreement. By doing this, you can increase the visitor frequency to your company website.

Root access via SSH

If you need root access via SSH, you can get it on your dedicated server. As necessary for your company website, this allows you to independently configure, customize, and run your server. There are no limitations or interruptions that you have to struggle with.

Extra Services

A dedicated server comes with many other top-notch services from the Serverwala data center. For example, client management applications, simple billing merchant accounts, and so on.

Price and Packages of Dedicated Server Hosting

You can get the best hosting service or plan for a dedicated server for your company’s website. The dedicated server hosting options and packages available from Serverwala are wide-ranging. Every single one of them includes top-notch security mechanisms, like DDoS protection, encryption techniques, SSL certificates, etc.

They have a high level of stability and are also quite economical. Additionally, you can easily upgrade the resources as needed according to your plan. Also, the data center gives you the option to use a cheap dedicated server India that is made entirely of bare metal with managed or unmanaged hosting services.


Everything from flexible hosting, high scalability, as well as higher levels of security to improved website performance can be provided by the perfect dedicated server India has to offer. To make use of all the rights and advantages that come with a bare-metal, powerful dedicated server, you should opt for a reputable and well-known hosting company like Serverwala.

It can easily support the expansion of your internet business. Additionally, you have the chance to improve your company website in the smallest amount of time. Customer support is provided by skilled employees around-the-clock at the Serverwala data center. To get answers to your questions or more details on the cheapest dedicated server India, use this service at any time.


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