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Who Plays Clare On Happy Valley {Jan} Readout Here!

Many people are trying to find out who plays Clare in Happy Valley. You can find out who played Clare in Happy Valley by reading the article below.

Clare On Happy Valley: Who is Clare?

Clare is an actor in the British crime drama television show, Happy Valley. Many people have played many characters before. It is possible for people to be confused as to who is actually playing Happy Valley the Clare character. Let’s see! As per Happy Valley radiotimes.com Siobhan Fineran plays the role Clare On Happy Valley.

How Old is Clare On Happy Valley.

Clare On Happy Valley has been voted the most popular character. Cloud has been played many times by different people. While there are numerous searches on How old Clare On Happy Valley is, there isn’t any information about Clare On Happy Valley. Keep following us for the latest news.

Happy Valley

Siobhan Fineran and Sarah Lancashire are featured in the British crime drama television series Happy Valley. It is set in West Yorkshire’s Calder Valley. Sally Wainwright was the producer and writer of the show. The series was also directed by Wainwright (Euros Lyn) and Tim Fywell. On BBC One, the premiere of the first season was on April 29, 2014. The second season debuted on February 9, 2016, followed by the third on January 1, 2020. It won the Best Drama Series BAFTA Award in 2015.


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