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Who Owns Lynx Airline {January 2022} Check The Founder Detail!

Lynx Airline is set to be able to resume domestic travel after having been hampered by Covid-19. Therefore, people are asking who is the owner of Lynx Airline. Find out more here.

Lynx Air has begun its ticket sales even as the world is experiencing an epidemic. Lynx Air has stated that they typically concentrate on leisure travel and pandemics, but it is an obstacle that can’t be overcome forever for the citizens in Canada. This is where a issue arises: who owns Lynx Airline?

The airline began selling tickets starting on Wednesday. The company is focusing on the likelihood of an increase in flights in the months ahead. They are therefore ready to depart starting in April.

The Operation of Lynx Airline

Lynx Airline would start its operations in 5 Canadian destinations. The cities like Kelowna, Toronto, and Winnipeg will be covered by the first route that is an umbrella. Lynx was founded in the year 2006 under the name of “New Air & Tours”. This name changed in 2006 to “Enerjet”. In November of last year the name was changed to “Lynx Air”. We now have to tackle the issue of who owns Lynx Airline.

It is Lynx Airline is an Canadian ultra-low-cost airline. This model relies on the principle of paying for each service offered, such as extra baggage, seat choice and so on. The hub for Lynx Air lies at Calgary International Airport with its the headquarters in Calgary located in Alberta.

Lynx has announced that it will be operating with Boeing 737 MAX 8. The three initial Boeing 737 are scheduled to be available in 2022. The official website for Lynx Airline can be found at flylynx.com. Enerjet was the first name that was used for Lynx Airline, was created through Tim Morgan, the former vice-president of the airline WestJet. The company was granted its operation certification in the year 2008.

Who Owns Lynx Airline: The Founders and Owners

Lynx Air was founded by the name of Enerjet by Tim Morgan. However, at present, when it’s been known to all the globe as Lynx Airline It is managed by the Chief Executive Officer Merren McArthur. Lynx Airline Merren McArthur. Merren has also been named PresidentPresident for the Airline. She also had a successful time as the President for Virgin Australia Regional Airlines.

The Chief Comercial Chief Executive Officer for the airline is Vijay Bhatia, an Indian origin Canadian. Tim Morgan, the founder of the airline. Tim Morgan is also the Chief Operating Officer.

Tim Morgan, Who owns Lynx Airline, designs the operational procedures along with regulatory compliance. Michael Holditch right now occupies the position as Chief Financial Officer. Holditch worked at Enerjet and was CFO of the company that was the predecessor to Lynx Airline.

The New Plans

Lynx has decided to operate its operations even in the epidemic because they believe that the demand in the country for travel has increased. Although Calgary Airport is operating with 50 percent of the capacity because of Covid-19, Lynx believes it will make money as an ultra-low-cost airline.


We asked this question us at the beginning of Who owns Lynx Airline is now answerably. Tim Morgan founded the company under its previous name “Enerjet” and is currently under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and president Merren McArthur. When the rate of vaccination and spreading rate dropped the airline was scheduled to resume domestic travel for Canadians. To learn more, go to Lynx Air Tickets are on sale for flights to five Canadian Destinations

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