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What to Look For In a Handheld Massager?

Are you stiff and tense from stress? The knots caused by stress in your body can be worked out by a. However, what if you need more time to watch one?

These days, massage guns are everywhere, and they may be close to the size of your palm.

A Functional and Safe Guide to Massage Guns

You can enhance blood flow to sore muscles and reduce muscle soreness with the help of an Electric Massager. It’s a small hammer, repeatedly striking the soft tissue, generating an increase in blood flow in that location. When applied gently, pressure can loosen adhesions and tight muscles, allowing muscle fibers to lengthen.

Portable massagers are safe and effective at relieving stress in areas of the body where people tend to hold it (like the neck, shoulders, and lower back). You can warm up the muscles before activity or help with cool down:

  • Muscles become warmed up.

Preparing a muscle group for exercise requires focusing a massager on that group for six to ten minutes. By framing it first, you can reduce the likelihood of injury to the tissue.

  • Muscle cools down.

One of the causes of muscle soreness after physical exertion is lactic acid accumulation. By reducing the muscle fibers’ ability to store the lactic acid that causes muscle pain, post- exercise massage with a handheld device might minimize or postpone muscle discomfort.

Tips on choosing the right handheld massager

There is a wide range in size, style, and cost among the massagers on the market. There is a suitable massager for your needs, whether you want to focus on a specific muscle or a group of muscles.

The following four features will help you choose a massager:

Speed: A massager with multiple speeds is more adaptable to various massage needs. The massager’s weight is crucial because you’ll be holding it for up to 10 minutes while working on a muscle or muscle group, so it needs to be light enough to use with one hand. Try to find a massager that weighs at most four pounds.

Amplitude: This is the range of motion for the massager’s head (like a sewing machine needle pumping up and down). This one is trickier, but vibration massagers generally work best with a sound amplitude (e.g., 5mm+) because this allows them to transmit forces deeper into tissues, where they can do best.

There are, however, a few factors to keep in mind when dealing with amplitude:

The pressure applied behind the massage head determines the penetration level. If the massager’s motor is robust enough, the pressure you use has a more significant effect on penetration than the amplitude.

Noise: Some models are quiet, while some might be rather noisy. Consider purchasing a massager with a brushless motor if the noise is a deal breaker (for example, if you’re hoping for a soothing experience).

Battery: There is a wide range of battery life spans. Some have a three-hour battery life, while others drain after only 90 minutes. The initial investment of a gun with a rechargeable battery may be offset by the long-term savings you realize by not having to replace the battery constantly. The massagers with non-replaceable batteries may be less expensive initially, but you’ll have to buy a new one if the battery dies.


Thus, you can use a handheld massager to achieve several beneficial effects that are achievable from the comfort of your home. Adding to that, the Massage Machine Price is quite affordable as well.


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