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Vitacore N95 Mask Reviews (January 2022) Is This Scam Or Legit Website?

This review on Vitacore N95 Mask reviews will help you decide whether you should purchase from this retailer or not.

It is not more significant that the existence of a human being. Unfortunately, because of this epidemic, many lost their life to Canada as well as elsewhere in the world. For personal protection items to protect yourself, the Vitacore store stocks everything related to safety for people.

Vitacore N95 Mask Reviews will assist you in assessing the trustworthiness of this retailer. Therefore, if you’re planning to shop online and this site is the one you prefer be sure to read this review before purchasing any item from Vitacore shop.

Short of Vitacore’s shop

Vitacore’s n95 Mask shop is an online site that allows customers to purchase all safety items. You can protect yourself from the dangers of this virus. There are a variety of equipment, and you should visit their shop for a chance to avoid contact with other people during this epidemic. They offer:

  • Respirators
  • Masks with surgical instruments
  • N95 masks
  • Gloves
  • Equipment for PPE

Is Vitacore N95 Mask Legit? The primary goal of the shop is to shield customers from the virus. Thus, the website is an ideal spot to go to and purchase masks, gloves and other items. If you’re thinking of purchasing an item, you should go to Vitacore. Vitacore shop. If you’re not sure about the authenticity and credibility of the shop we suggest you read our review.

Specifications from Vitacore Shop

  • Purchase surgical masks from https://www.vitacore.ca/.
  • The email address for the Vitacore store is info@vitacore.ca.
  • Company’s address: #151-258-8518 Canada, Glenlyon Parkway, BC, Burnaby.
  • The information for the number is not available on the site page.
  • Zero Vitacore n95 Reviews are available on the site’s collection. There are also no reviews or ratings.
  • referenced on other websites.
  • Returns/Exchange Policy:
  • Returns and exchanges are not allowed in respirators, masks or other PPE items.
  • Shipping policy:
  • The lead time for their products varies between large and small orders. It can take 1-2 days for small orders, and 5-7 days for large orders.
  • Standard shipping duration is exempt from the lead time.
  • Payment options: GPay, Discover, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • Contact information and location are available.
  • The name of the company is given.

Negative Highlights

  • No reviews or ratings were found.
  • A separate section dedicated to Returns and other policies isn’t there.
  • Social media pages don’t contain useful data.
  • The number of the contact is secret.

Is Vitacore N95 Mask Legit?

Safety is the top issue for people today. Everyone stays at home and is oblivious to people outside. Covid changes the way of life of a lot of people. Many people prefer shopping online rather than offline shopping. Vitacore store offers personal protection equipment on its website. However, it is not clear if this website is secure to use or not. After having read this article.

  • The date of creation: June 5, 2020 is the site’s date of creation, which indicates that the site is not more than two years old.
  • Registry: Go Daddy Domains Canada, Inc is its registrar.
  • trust score: Vitacore got a 45% of the Average Bracket of Trust.
  • Buyer’s reply Customer’s response: Zero Vitacore N95 Mask Reviews appeared on their website. Furthermore, no details about their reviews were discovered on other websites.
  • Company name: Vitacore Industries Inc. is the name of the company on this website.
  • Social sites There are social websites of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram however, no pertinent reviews were gathered via these websites. There is no evidence of this mass-popularity to be observed here.
  • Data security This is the HTTPS protocol is detected by their server. It enables safe data transfer.
  • privacy policy Legal policies were included in the layout, however there was no separate section on exchange, return, refund Shipping policy.
  • The missing information Contact number, owner’s name, and the. However, the address, email as well as the name of the company are shown in the layout.

Vitacore N95 Mask Reviews

Vitacore store has listed all relevant information like the address, email, location, and the name of the company, but didn’t include the contact phone number or the owner’s name. There are social media pages of the store on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram however, no relevant details were found. This store does not have customer review of their products as well as other sources on the internet. This isn’t a reliable website due to these reasons.


Based on reviews of the Vitacore n95 mask The shop received an average score for trust, and the lifespan isn’t too great. It’s a little barely two-year-old site. We cannot recommend this site because of the lack of pertinent reviews. Find for more information about the Surgical Mask at this page.

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