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Varskarc Review (Dec) Is The Legit Or Scam Website?

In the following Varskarc review, you’ll learn the truth about whether it’s a Varskarc .com fraud or a legitimate business to work with. So, let’s get started with our review.

Varskarc is classified as a suspect site because of these reasons:

Contact Information

The parent company’s name, that is listed with the name “Ansky Company Limited” is utilized by a variety of fraudulent and shady websites. You can locate the websites using the parent organization by searching for Ansky Company Limited within our website. Although it has given its parent company’s address as Ansky Company Limited, but it is possible that it will change the name of its parent company and address in the near future as a number of similar types of websites are reported to be doing this.

Social Media Presence

Social media icon connected to its corporate social media account isn’t accessible. However, online stores that are legitimate generally offer social media icons that are linked on their own social media groups pages, pages, or profiles. This means that it might not have a presence on social media.

Copy of content

The theme of the site and lots of other details on its site are compatible with a variety of problematic websites.

Discounts and Sales offers

It lists a variety of items (such such as Women’s hollowed-out Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Boots, women’s warm Comfortable Non-Slip Boots Women’s Villi Suede Fashion Platform that is Thermal and Non-Slip Sneakers Man’s Camouflage Outdoor Slip-Resistant High-Top Comfortable Hiking Boots and more.) for sale at low prices. Most scam websites are found to be offering these types of discounts to lure customers to join their fraud.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There are a lot of similar online retailers with complaints about their products’ quality, delivery times and also about support for customers.


In light of the above reasons, we don’t suggest shoppers to purchase from Varskarc.

There is a wide range of sites that are suspicious listed in the ” Suspicious” category. You will find information different types of scams by scrolling through the ” Scams” category. You can also read a brief review like above, by scrolling through the ” Brief Reviews” category or browse our site’s home page to read the numerous interesting and insightful content in various categories by clicking HERE> HERE.

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Note: These types of websites are known to change their site name and content on their site at times. Therefore, the review above is based upon the information that were posted on their website on the that date. If you come across any other information that is not what we’ve given in this review the site has changed their info. This, however, makes it a suspicious website.


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