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Travis Perkins Murder {Jan} Know the Reason Here!

Travis Perkins Murder. Pocahontas witnessed a horrible incident in Arkansas in Travis Perkins’ apartment.

How Did Travis Perkins Die?

Travis Perkins Murder, Travis Perkins is a Pocahontas native who was known for his kindness and generosity. Travis was considered a friend. Travis also worked with Jerrod Castleman on a meth-related enterprise. Even offering to cooperate with police, Travis was not prepared for the horrific events that would follow Pocahontas.

Travis was shot and killed by an attacker in Pocahontas on April 15th. Travis, 34, lived alone. He didn’t see his neighbors very often. Travis disappeared from the streets of Pocahontas, Arkansas on April 15, 2014. Travis, 34 years old, was an individual who didn’t live with any neighbors.

An autopsy later revealed Travis was shot twice at close range using a 9mm pistol. This instantly ended Travis’s life. Travis’ feet touched the ground and his body was lying on its back. Travis may have been just getting out of bed when the attack occurred. Evidence of forced entry indicated that the murder had an external connection.

Travis Perkins died by who?

Travis Perkins Murder. Due to a dearth of leads or witnesses, the initial investigation into Travis’ death was complicated.

After discovering that Travis was part of an illegal meth-business, the detectives made a breakthrough. They were also arrested. Bob and Travis would cook the drug and then sell it at Bob’s farm. Bob was also charged with the crime.

Reports claim that Bob, Jerrod, as well as others, once mailed a live serpent to someone who purchased a car. They requested that they be serviced later. Jarrod eventually admitted that Travis had been murdered by his father. Jerrod then agreed to testify against Bob. Jarrod said that Travis’ father had disguised himself and gone to Travis’ house to kill him. Police also found a 9mm gun on Bob’s land, which matches the ones used to murder Travis.

Bob Sam Castleman Where are you Now?

Travis Perkins Murder Jarrod testified against Bob and claimed Travis was killed by his dad after learning Travis was willing to cooperate. Bob Sam Castleman, however, was not charged in Travis’ murder. Instead he was convicted for drug conspiracy and sentenced 40 years in federal jail. In order to obtain money from his insurer, he also filed a fraudulent theft claim. Bob is eligible for release in 2046.


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