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Tikviral: An Ultimate Guide To TikTok Autocaptions

With over 1 billion active users and 2.6 billion downloads, TikTok is the 3rd famous app worldwide. Apart from other apps, TikTok has a more engagement rate of 18%. TikTok, since its launch, has changed drastically with its features. In recent years, TikTok has rolled out various features like Live shopping, TikTok stories, etc. One of the most valuable and trending options is adding auto-captions. If you want to maximize your visibility, try to buy tiktok views and uplift your chances of becoming famous. 

Let us explore the article more about TikTok auto-captions and how to use them. Let’s get started!

What Are TikTok Captions And Auto-Captions?

In general, TikTok captions are 2-3 short lines where it explains more about the video. TikTok captions generate more engagement for videos. The captions will display at the bottom of the videos. The creator can add captions, where the viewers can turn them off if they don’t need them. Now another improvised option is auto-captions. Auto captions generate subtitles for videos where even deaf people can understand your content easily. 

The caption feature is available in English and Japanese. TikTok captions will also come in other languages in the upcoming years. TikTok auto-captions will improve accessibility. Remember making videos that are accessible to the audience is essential. It gives an interactive and engaging experience for the viewers. 

How Do Auto-Captions Work?

If you give audio descriptions to your videos, the auto-captions option will convert them to on-screen captions. According to the background voice of the video, the auto-captions text will appear on the screen. The significant advantage is that even if you don’t know the language, you can deliver the content and reach new audiences. The audience will get more information even if the language is a barrier. If creators use this option efficiently, it will be more helpful. 

Steps To Add Auto-Captions On TikTok

With just simple steps, auto-captions can be added to your video. Follow the steps below carefully, 

  • First, record a creative video. Now press the captions icon on the editing screen. 
  • Now TikTok will take time to transcribe the audio to the text. 
  • Hurrah! Your captions will now be available on the screen.
  • You can now view or edit the captions by pressing the pen icon. 
  • Click on save and adjust the position of the caption on the screen. After checking, you can publish the video. 

With the support of third-party apps, you can also add animated captions to your videos. It may drive more engagement to your videos. So if you need to grow your TikTok account, you can take advantage of TikViral and boost your online reputation.  

How To Turn On And Off The Auto-Captions?

It is the function of the video creators to provide captions for every video they post. If viewers want to check if there are captions available on the videos, you have to click on the share icon. A caption option is visible on the bottom row. In addition, you can click on the button to turn on and off the subtitles. 

You can choose between various languages, but for now, the auto-captions feature is available for creators who set the language to English or Japanese. If you need the auto-captions for your videos, click on your profile. Then tap on the settings and privacy tab and click on the language ‘English’ or ‘Japanese.’

How To Hide TikTok Subtitles?

Some people may find it distracting when video subtitles are available. For those who want to hide the subtitles, you can touch on the captions until it brings up the bubble menu. Now it shows a ‘hide caption’ bubble. Tap on it to hide the subtitles and enjoy the videos with nativity. 

How Will Subtitles Drive Engagement? 

The TikTok algorithm generally allows popular videos to appear on the feeds. It will help to make the trending video. Similarly, regular, relevant posting will one day make you become a TikTok celebrity. Moreover, TikTok captions will make videos accessible to a larger audience. It helps viewers who are not able to turn on the sound. 

The auto-captions are very useful for brands who sell products. For example, if a brand is producing a video on the beauty products’ results, they can explain every step in detail using this option. You must define the content in just a few characters in standard captions. But with auto-captions or subtitles, you can deliver the contents to the audience. So it would be best if the brand used it for their videos. 


Every new feature in TikTok is helping creators to have a higher reach. If you need to stay ahead of the competition, then you can opt to use TikViral and skyrocket your fame. Do not lose on any opportunities to upgrade yourself on the TikTok. Try experimenting and enjoy your TikTok journey. We hope this article is helpful. Thanks for reading!


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