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The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Cricket Team

2019 was a year with lots of huge reforms in Pakistani cricket. When visiting the top sport betting website – in.1xbet.com offers lots of excellent opportunities for punters to wager on cricket in Pakistan.

During that year, many teams were excluded from official competitions. Most of those now defunct teams belonged to state companies in the country. One of these squads was the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited cricket team. This was a highly controversial decision made by none other than Imran Khan, who himself is a cricket legend and former Prime Minister. The 1xBet platform is a top sports betting website, and it offers its members the opportunity to wager on tons of different teams in Pakistan.

Excellent performances and lots of trophies

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited cricket team was a squad founded in the 1970s. The first years of its existence were not that remarkable. However, they really started to take off during the 21st century, winning many different competitions. The best cricket match odds are on 1xBet, and they can be used for wagering on Pakistani cricket teams.

Some of the trophies the squad won were:

  • the Mohammad Nissar Trophy;
  • the President’s Trophy;
  • the Pentangular Trophy;
  • and also the National One-day Championship.

In fact, many of these competitions were not purely domestic. Many of them had the squad playing against teams from neighboring countries, such as India. Definitely the best cricket match betting odds are on 1xBet, and they can make already great rewards even bigger.

An incredible result

Perhaps one of the most memorable matches in the history of the team took place in 2008. Specifically, between the 15th and 18th of September, the Pakistani squad played against the Delhi cricket team in the Indian city. The end of the match itself was a draw. Punters can visit in.1xbet.com/casino to try out some excellent games before enjoying these highly entertaining cricket matches.

However, this game was played in the context of the Mohammad Nissar Trophy final. Therefore, it was necessary to have a winner. In this regard, it was determined that the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited cricket team won the contest in the first innings. This was the only international title of the squad, and probably one of the most memorable moments in its history. While waiting for these decisive contests, punters can visit 1xBet and explore some excellent forms of entertainment in a huge casino.

Unfortunately, this squad among many others who represented companies disappeared in 2019. However, there are many people who want to see them returning. It is unknown whether such a return will take place.


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