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Sunset Mesa Home Funeral {Jan} Check More Details Here!

Get exclusive reviews of Sunset Mesa Home Funeral lawsuit that you won’t find elsewhere. You can also learn more about the decision of the court. A few months back, real crime documentaries about cannibals were a hot trend. A forgotten incident of crime that occurred between 2016-2018 was brought to the forefront by Grand Junction, Colorado’s District Judge. People from the United States and Britain are searching the internet for information about the case. What was the connection to this case? Let’s get into the details of Sunset Mesa Home Funeral Scam.

Who were the accus?

The case number 20 CR-00098 is the subject of the lawsuit. Megan Hess (46), who was previously the director of Sunset Mesa Funeral Home (her mother Shirley Koch (69), was also the primary defendant.

Who are the victims?

Megan and Koch were able to sell body parts from more than 560 corpses. All 560 bodies were cremated at Sunset Mesa Funeral Home.

Was illegal trading exposed?

In 2016, and 2018, string operations that revealed human body parts sales were in high demand. Megan Hess Sunset Mesa Funeral home used to offer family members free cremation if they were willing to donate body parts. Megan used to charge $1,000.00 for any family members who did not wish to donate the body parts of the corpse. Selling human organs, such as heart, kidney, liver and eyes that can be transplanted in the USA is illegal. But, the US law doesn’t regulate the sale or use of body parts like head, hands and legs. Megan and Koch of Sunset Mesa Home Funeral used the permission of the relatives of the deceased to remove the corpse’s body pieces, assemble them with other corpses and then sell them. Megan then used to deliver the fakeashes of the deceased body to the families. This scam was exposed in 2016-2018, and also covered illegal activities at other funeral home.


Megan was sentenced by the court to 20 years federal imprisonment, and Koch to 15 year. The prosecution wanted to punish Megan with a more severe sentence because the victims’ families felt that 20 years was too much. The defense lawyer tried to get a future time by saying that one of his attorneys.


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