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Squidgame Reviews Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Do you wish to find details about a website trading popular products? Let’s look into Squidgame Reviews to explore its benefits.

Do you want to put on that jersey from your favourite sport? If so, please allow us the chance to find out more information about these websites which sell costumes from the series.

Everyone is familiar with the popular Korean Series named ‘Squid Game which has received a lot of praise worldwide. The story is based on a group of poor people who are asked to play dangerous games. The winner will be awarded the prize.

A new website has come up that sells costumes worn by the players in Squid Game. We invite you to learn more about the website using Squidgame Reviews.

What is Squidgame.ink?

This new online shopping site offers players costumes from the cult Netflix show ‘Squid Game. Additionally it lets the customer to purchase merchandise according to their needs and budget. The site sells items such as:

  • Tracksuit
  • Frontman masks
  • Guards in full costume

The site lets customers pay using a variety of payment methods that include Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. Since the site is a retailer of Squid Game products, more users could be drawn to it. Therefore, let’s argue about its value by examining its clues.

A characteristic of the portal-to look into ‘ Is Squidgame legit Is Squidgame Legit?

  • Over the website, the email address is supplied as squidgame.inkk@gmail.com, where you can post and ask your question from them.
  • The official URL of the site is https://squidgame.ink.
  • Customers can take advantage of advantages of the 30 day return policy provided by the business. In addition, the buyer must show proof of purchase of the purchase when returning.
  • A valid contact number is not listed on the site for customers to be diverted from buying items.
  • You can buy any desired product from their online store in case you are looking to make an application for any exchange.
  • Squidgame Reviews have mentioned that if a return is accepted and accepted, they will issue you an return shipping label, an obligation for customers.
  • To mail They have an office address of 530-B HARKLE ROAD, Ste 100 Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States.
  • Social media icons aren’t visible on the site or within the section on product descriptions.
  • The shipping policy isn’t stated on the website However, cost of shipping will be calculated separately from the price of the item. Therefore, the final cost is the cost of the item plus the shipping cost.
  • Squidgame reviews have recommended PayPal, Apple pay, Debit along with MasterCard as payment options.
  • There is no information disclosed about how to deliver.
  • For updates on the latest shop news the company has offered a newsletter option to customers.
  • The date of domain creation for the site is 04-10-2021. This means that it will expire on the 04th of October in 2021.
  • The information pertaining to office hours has not been seen on the portal which has led to the emergence of suspicious activity.
  • If the company permits the reimbursement, your money will be added into your bank account.

Certain Advantages offered by the web page

  • In the Squidgame is legit post, the website offers items that are related to Squid Game. These include items from the Squid Game series, including masks and guard costumes.
  • A trust score of 47.7/100 is observed for the website. Additionally, it has earned 60 trust points percent.
  • There are a variety of payment options accessible for any purchase.
  • The site provides an option to sign up for newsletters.
  • The facts about email and office addresses have been uncovered.
  • The company has cited the return policy in a perfect manner.

Be sure to mention the disadvantages that the site has.

  • There is no reaction of the buyer to Trustpilot.
  • Information about delivery and shipping policy are not included.
  • Squidgame Reviews revealed that the site doesn’t have an exact refunding period.
  • Social media links aren’t there.

Is Squidgame.ink Fake?

  • Age of domain–The website is new because it was made on 04-10-2021. It has a limited life expectancy.
  • Trust score The 60 percent trust rating is observed.
  • HTTPS details-The legitimate HTTPS details are observed.
  • Founder’s Name-Unavailable.
  • Policies are mentioned All policies are listed with the exception of the delivery and shipping policy.
  • Owner’s Info: There are no information about the owners.

Customers’ Reaction

None of the customer reviews have been mentioned on Trustpilot. In addition, social media sites aren’t listed that have led to doubtful information. Check here the person you saw on PayPal fraud.

The Final Verdict

Squidgame reviews have revealed a lot about the game, stating that it centers around the survival of the players playing a game for children. The post however has revealed the merchandise offered through Squidgame.ink which includes the Tracksuit.

The site has an average trust score and ranking but the absence social media hyperlinks and the reactions of buyers has not helped to create trust. So, it is important to be conscious and conduct thorough research to avoid huge losses. Read this article to find out about fraudulent credit card fraud.

Have you heard of this website? Do you want to share your experience with us by commenting below your comments?

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