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Socialdice: How To Create Instagram-Worthy Recipe Videos?

If you are an Instagrammer scrolling through the explore page, you can see numerous food-related videos. Yeah! In recent times, Instagram has flourished with different styles of cooking videos. So when you check on the chef’s account on Instagram, you can admire their content and recipes. Usually, food videos make viewers stop scrolling through Instagram and watch them fully. It, in turn, increases the engagement rate. Moreover, if you want to boost your exposure, you can get free Instagram reels likes trial and amplify your reach. 

Are you wondering how to create a compelling recipe video on Instagram? This article tells you everything about how to create engaging videos. Let’s get started!

Steps To Create Instagram-Worthy Cooking Videos 

Make A Plan

First, you must think of a recipe and how you create a video. The first 15 seconds of a video will decide the engagement rate. So make it more interesting. Next, you have to go with a plan. A usual recipe starts from selecting ingredients, then pre-preparation like cutting, chopping, etc., cooking, and then end with a presentation. Some Instagram food vloggers use a different strategy: they first show the final product to gain millions of audience traction and then start with the recipe. 

Learn From The Pros

Before you begin to film your video, watch some popular food influencers’ videos. For example, you may go to the explore tab and type #cooking. From below the list, you can watch videos and get inspiring ideas. Check on the animations and shot angles they used in their videos. Your fame is unbeatable if you hop on to the trends with food hashtags. To lead your pathway to success, try SocialDice and achieve your goals. 

Prepare The Shooting Place

You need to pre-prepare the shooting place with all the ingredients and props. If you start with the filming, there should not be any collapse. Set your tripod stand that covers your entire setup. Ensure the ingredients and utensils are nearer to you so that you can record your video without hustle-bustle. 

Some Instagrammers will shoot recipe videos on street foods, restaurants, etc., The best tip for them is to keep a handy camera of high-definition. Even outdoor recipe videos will create massive success on Instagram, but you may not prepare the place. When you shoot an outdoor food recipe video, it is best to go with the situation. 

Record The Video

Install and open the Instagram app and tap on the camera button. Now tap on the red button to start with the recording. Once you have created your video, creators should face the camera confidently and with a smile. Sometimes you may go on Instagram Live, so you must equip yourself with clear communication skills. 

If you are explaining your video, plan to have headphones or a mic. So that audience will clearly understand your recipe. Remember, the reach depends on how you express yourself in a video. During Live sessions, you may get comments or doubts. Try to rectify it then and there while doing your cooking. It may seem hectic, but try tackling your cooking and communication. No one can stop your popularity if you become an expert in editing recipe videos.

Edit Your Videos

Some people may feel difficult to explain the recipe. For those, Instagram provides numerous editing options. Try to utilize them properly. You can add on-screen text for every procedure. Now, video creators with technologies are adding music that resonates with the cooking sounds. You can also add filters and effects that keep the audience engaged with your videos. If you want to reach your video to a wide range of audiences, try freeing Instagram reels views and enhance your presence. Always post a high-quality video without any pixel breaks. 

Post Your Videos

Now, it’s time to post your videos. Please share it with a great hashtag like #recipevideo, #healthyrecipe, etc. Find the hashtags from the search tab or social media tools. Create great catchy captions with emojis. You can tag the location, time & date using Instagram stickers on your videos. After posting, if you want to leverage your organic traffic, go for a glance at SocialDice and get an idea. 

Simple Ideas To Create Instagram Cooking Videos

  • You can share a recipe for your healthy daily routines, like a healthy bowl of snacks or breakfast. 
  • Audiences are now eagerly watching educational recipe tutorials. For instance, you can bake a cake and can explain the science behind baking. 
  • It is proven food creators have succeeded by creating satisfying food reels. For example, you can shoot a fast-lapse video of a cake rising inside an oven.  

Above all, ideas are simple but worthy to try. So, implement these techniques and improve your video tactics.


It all depends on the skills and interests of a food Instagrammer to learn and create an excellent recipe video. All will not be best at the first attempt, so keep trying and experimenting until you get the best one. We hope this article is informative and valuable. Read and comment below your opinions!


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