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Sim Wong Hoo Passed Away {Jan} Is Sim Wong Hoo Married?

This article is about Sim Wong Hoo passing away. It also includes his life details. The following article contains more information.

Did you hear of Sim WongHoo’s sudden death? He is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Singapore. Creative Technology was Sim Woo Hoo’s first home-grown venture, and was established in 1981.

Sim Wong hoo has passed away and everyone is talking. He was well-known for his Technology skills and fame as an entrepreneur. Let’s get into details in the next article.

What is Sim Wong Hoo doing?

Sim Wong Hoop is the CEO and chairman of Creative Technology Singapore. He was born on January 5, 1955 and died in his 67th year. While the news about his death broke on January 5th 2023, it was confirmed that he died on January 4th. Although the cause has not yet been revealed, it has been reported that Sim died peacefully. Sim’s sudden death caused great grief for Singaporeans and the technology world.

Find out more about Sim Wong Hoo

Sim started his journey at a Chinatown computer shop and grew to be the top techentrepreneur in Singapore. When he turned 40 in 2000, Sim was the youngest billionaire in Singapore. His Net Worth was approximately 1.5 USD before he died.

What Happened after Sim’s Death

There was much commotion after Mr. Sim’s sudden death. Creative Technology share prices eventually rose up to 30 %. This is a 4-month high for a long period. This was the September share price increase last year. All his coworkers are devastated by this news, but they are eager to work harder for the company’s better future.

Is Sim Wong Hoo Married?

Sim Wong Hoo is the subject of much curiosity among Singaporeans and his personal life. Karen Ngui, his wife, is his name. He once stated that it was important to not marry if you want a successful entrepreneur. He believes that greater responsibilities come with having more relations, which he himself has experienced in his adult life.

He did not share too much personal information. He was the father of a son, and a daughter. He preferred to keep his loved ones away from fame.

A personal account

Sim Wong hoo, a Singaporean from a Zhao family, was born in 1956. He went to Bukit Panjang Government School for his primary education and then completed his studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, in 1975. He worked in both the National service as well the private sector of Engineering. Later, he was a product designer and manufacturer for computers. He started his own business and then bought it outright for top Tech Entrepreneurs.

Wiki & Biography

The table below contains information about each topic.

Sim Wong Hoo Nickname Sim Wong Hoo Profession Technology Enterpreneur Date of Birth 2015 Date of Death 4th February 2023 Age of 67 Singaporean Nationality Karen Ngui Children A daughter and a son Net Worth $1.5 Billion


Everybody is shocked to hear the sad news about Sim Wong Hoo’s demise. While the cause of his death is still unknown, people are writing glowing reviews about him on social networks. He was a true legend within the Technology Industry. There is no information yet about his family. His colleagues are very saddened about the loss to Creative Technology.

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