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Senior Year Movie Review

Netflix’s latest attempt at taking over the high school teen comedy genre was finally released two months back amid a lot of fanfare thanks to its social media hype. And the big question is: Did it manage to live up to the hype, or was it another fail? After all, it’s no secret that Netflix gets its fair share of online flak for its low-quality productions among its many hits.

The Rebel Wilson starrer follows a typical high school setting and presents a unique blend of classic teen comedy and ’90s nostalgia. Directed by award-winning film director Alex Hardcastle, the movie is a modern reinterpretation of teen classics such as thirteen going thirty, mean girls, and clueless. 

The plot

The movie follows the life of Stephanie Conway, a thirty-seven-year-old who recovers from a coma that took away two decades of her life. She sets out to pursue her life-long goal of getting crowned the Prom Queen by going back to high school. 

Young Stephanie Conway is your typical high schooler in the early ’00s. After being humiliated and ridiculed by the popular mean girl Tiffany, she vows to become Prom Queen to get back at her. Stephanie finally dates the most popular jock at her school. However, when she was on the verge of becoming the Prom Queen, a cheerleading mishap took away her chance at victory along with twenty precious years of her life. Now, as an adult, she was flabbergasted by her current condition. However, not admitting defeat, she reunites with her previous pals Martha and Seth, going back to high school to realize her dream of becoming the Prom Queen. The only problem? Times have changed, and Stephanie must adapt to her new environment to secure a chance at victory!

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Our Review

The movie tries too hard to be seen as unique, quirky, and charming. Plus, it is entirely inspired by the rhetoric of the early ’00s classics but comes across as nothing more than a cheap rip-off without a personality of its own. The movie fails to tug at the audience’s heartstrings as there is an apparent lack of sincerity in the main character’s actions. Even when Stephanie realizes she wasted her time focusing on the wrong thing, she refuses to take a step back and acknowledge her circumstances – given that she’s too caught up in the moment, trying to be popular.

The main character remains a one-dimensional caricature throughout the movie’s run-time as she fails to break free of her superficial desires. The movie fails to capture the unique dynamics of the early ’00s movies that it tried so hard to copy and ends up with a mediocre screenplay. It claims to be nostalgic but fails to realize its own potential.

Overall, what senior year lacks is originality. Wilson is entertaining in her own right, but everything around her is subpar, with a forced final act of conflict and resolution. The film had hilarious moments, but not enough for a narrative that could have outshone others in the genre. It’s like the recycled version of something you have seen before and lacks ingenuity.


Is Senior Year a good movie?

The story has its fair share of decent humor and funny scenes sprinkled here and there throughout the runtime. However, the characters and their dynamics failed to achieve their complete potential. In the end, the premise and the climax seemed nothing more than superficial. However, the movie still delivered what it promised, making it a decent selection for passing the time.

Is Senior Year a comedy?

Yes, it’s light-hearted, goofy, and upbeat, with catchy 90s tunes, and a happy ending, as one would expect. You can stream the movie on Netflix under the light-hearted comedy genre. 

Who wrote the Senior Year movie?

Senior year is written by Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pielli, and Brandon Scott Jones.


The premise of a feel-good high school comedy is always welcomed by audiences of all ages. Plus, the nostalgic spin on the genre adds a unique twist to the trope. If you want a feel-good movie without intense drama or conflict to pass the time, Senior Year is what you’re looking for!


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