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Russia Banned by UEFA from European Competitions

It seems that Russia will not be a favorite on ggbet world soon. This is because Russian national clubs and teams have been banned by UEFA from joining any of their competitions. The restriction applies “until further notice”.

With so many sanctions imposed on Russia due to the war in Ukraine, it was only a matter of time until football started being affected by it too. Russian teams will have to find other competitions to join – as long as they accept them.

Although Russia had two matches scheduled in April in Europe, they will not take place. It is hard to predict when UEFA will start accepting Russian teams and clubs again.

The Russian Ban

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, UEFA decided to ban any Russian teams from participating in their European competitions. This ban will stay for a while, therefore Russian teams may try to turn to other competitions until the time comes.

Russia will not be able to have any clubs and teams participating in UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Youth League, or UEGA Women’s Champions League for the 2022/2023 season. Moreover, while Russia was initially meant to host Euro 2028 or Euro 2032, their bid has been ruled ineligible according to UEFA.

The bid was declared ineligible due to the 16.02 article of the Bid Regulations. It says the following: “Each bidder shall ensure that it does not act in a manner that could bring Uefa, any other bidder, the bidding procedure or European football into disrepute.”

Also, while Russia defeated Portugal in a playoff at first, Portugal will end up taking their place in the Women’s Euro 2022 competition which will take place in England in July.

“Russia will not participate in this summer’s UEFA Women’s EURO 2022,” says UEFA in a statement on Twitter. “Portugal, the opponent defeated by Russia in the qualifying play-offs, will now participate in Group C. Additionally, Russian teams will not participate in UEFA club competitions next season.”

So, this ban means that no Russian teams will be seen in any of the following competitions.

One Ban Among a Multiple Sanctions

Russia was meant to host the Champions League Final this season, but the right had been stripped from the Russian capital. This all comes as a result of the sanctions that were imposed on Russia after the Ukraine invasion began.

But many other sporting organizations have bans in place for Russian and Belarussian athletes. Because of the invasion, large organizers started banning teams from the two countries from joining their competitions. Even the organizers of Wimbledon banned tennis players from Russia and Belarus from joining.

How long the ban will be in place depends on how things progress and when organizations think it’s acceptable for Russian teams to join their events again.


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