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Rozi Popo Viral Twitter Video: What’s In The Video?

This article is about Rozi Popo’s Viral Twitter video, which informs viewers about two social media influencers who recently had their content go viral.

Is it illegal to post Rozi and Popo videos on Twitter or other social media platforms? Twitter users in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries are increasingly searching for references to Rozi and Popo video clips.

Since it caught their attention, many people have searched for the latest and most popular content in search engines and on social networks. In this post, you can read more about Rozi Popo’s viral Twitter video.

What is the content Popo and Rozi video that has gone viral on Twitter?

Rozi and Popo are a popular video clip that is shared on Twitter, TikTok and other social networks. The video clip has a duration of 28 seconds. The video has audio and records the conversation between Popo & Rozi.

The content became popular on Reddit and went viral because they were chatting and recording a video while lying in bed.

Does Popo and Rozi have any explicit scenes in the video?

In the video clip that has been widely shared on Twitter, Popo and Rozi perform indecent acts. Popo interrupted Rozi’s actions by shouting that Rozi was entitled to her own.

Rozi also told Popo to first slap. Popo slapped her back after asking where and what. Popo was angry because Rozi refused to stop.

Why is Popo Twitter trending?

There is much discussion on the internet about the increasing number of Popo video clips and Rozi videos. They are very well-known, and often appear in search engine results on Twitter, Google and other search engines. This has left netizens puzzled as to why they are so popular.

In their Tiktok videos and other networks’ comedy clips, Rozi and Popo often portray a married pair, with Rozi portraying the man and Popo the woman.

Do Popo and Rozi have any issues?

Popo Berbie makes an astonishing revelation. She was forced to admit that Rozi and her collaboration had hurt him. Popo described what had happened to him. Rozi’s harassment of popo by @convomfs was shared on Twitter.

Telegram was also used to search for the answer.

She admits that she has worked with Rozi all along. Popo is asked to pay Rozi, as Rozi was already compensated. Popo says that Rozi must follow or else he will not be interested in coproducing anything.

Rozi said that because of the difference in size between Popo and his body, he would never hurt Popo. We also searched Instagram for the post, but were unable to locate it.

Quick Guide:

  • Popo Berbie, Rozi
  • Professionals – Social media influencers and content creators
  • Date of birth: Unknown
  • Unknown Personal Details


The viral video made Rozi and Popo the social media influencers a hot topic. As shown in the viral video, both were having a conversation.

Have you watched Rozi and Popo? If you found this video by searching, share your thoughts.

Rozi Popo Twitter Video: FAQs

  • Rozi and Popo: Who are they?

Rozi and Popo, two social media stars.

  • What is Popo’s real name?

Popo Berbie

  • What is the relation between Rozi Popo?

Rozi and Popos create content together for audiences.

  • What is the quality of Rozi and Popo’s video content?



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