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Rajiv Adatia Wiki A Popular Celebrity Details!

Rajiv Adatia is a famous model, entrepreneur, and has been cited as one of the bollywood stars. Find out more information about Rajiv Adatia’s Wikipedia by reading this post.

Big Boss 15 had decided to add some new twists to the show, by inviting more participants (wild card challengers). Did you not know that Rajiv will be appearing on BB15 as challenger to the wild card? With his beautiful look and personality the followers around the world are keen to know everything about his character.

To find out all the information about his professional and personal life, take a look at Rajiv Adatia’s Wiki to the very end.

Who is Rajiv Adatia?

Rajiv is an actor, model and brand ambassador, an businessman, and an extremely effective motivational writer and speaker.


Neela Adatia is his mother of the child, as is Deepa Adatia happens to be his sibling. Name of Rajiv’s father has been hidden. The father died at the age of eighteen years old. Rajiv is now 23 years old. Scorpio can be his Zodiac sign.

Rajiv was born on the 28th of October 1998, in London. He is the Rakhi-brother of Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty. His interests include Football. He is not married and his girlfriend’s name is not disclosed.

Salman Khan is his favourite actor as is Shilpa Shetty has been his most favored actress. Rajiv Adatia Wiki confirms how Eminem is his most adored artist. He is a fan of various places in London.


Rajiv graduated with a degree from the faculties of Performing Arts and Psychology from the University of London.


He started his career in modeling when he was just at the age of 18. Rajiv was determined to become an businessman. He began his career in a wedding decor business under the name Wedding in Style.

Rajiv is the creator of an event management company. He also serves as a brand ambassador for domestic as well as international firms.

His passion for motivating people was born out of the feeling there was something missing from his life, leading to discontent. Rajiv Adatia Wiki states that he desired to help others, and one of his best methods to do this was to encourage individuals with powerful phrases. In this regard he created his Instagram page @rajivadatiaquotes where you can find inspirational stories and inspirational quotes.


The information on Rajiv’s salary and net worth are not released to the public.


Rajiv is about 6 feet tall, and weighs as much as 83 Kgs. His body measurements are 42-32-15. He has shining black hair with shiny color.

News of the moment:

Rajiv is set to appear in BB15 Weekend Ka Vaar. He believes the Shetty sisters from BB15 are his rivals.

Rajiv Adatia Wiki followers:

Rajiv has over 523 thousand followers across social networks. His followers are from a variety of fields of life, like the business world, entertainment and other industries. People appreciate the optimistic outlook of Rajiv because he transforms negativity into positivity through his inspiring phrases.

Rajiv on the social media platforms

You can follow Rajiv via Instagram @rajivadatia Tiktok @rajivadatia TheRajivAdatia on Twitter, Urlebird @rajivadatia.


According to Rajiv the importance of being positive in the most difficult and dark moments will help you get through. The focus of his life is motivating those who are suffering from anxiety, stress and mental health problems. Rajiv Adatia’s Wiki shows his erogenous personality. He is professional and talented having achieved success within five years of launching his career.

Do you want to learn the details regarding Rajiv Adatia’s life style? Tell us your thoughts regarding his appearance in BB15.

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