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President Biden Warns Putin on Ransomware Attack from Russia

The US President Joe Biden warned Russia about the consequences of ransomware attacks emanating out of the country. This underscores the importance for Moscow to take steps against those involved in the crime.

Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday about ransomware attacks by Russian criminals that have affected the US and other countries, according to a White House readout.

When asked by reporters at the White House if there were any consequences for the ransomware attack, Biden answered that yes. He said that the United States expects that ransomware operations that originate from his soil will be stopped if they provide enough information.

Biden stated that he and his team have established a way of communicating with each other on a regular schedule in order to be able communicate when one of them thinks that something is going on in another country that could affect their home country. The White House stated that Biden stressed the importance of Russia taking action to stop ransomware groups operating within Russia. 

Biden stated that the United States will continue to take all necessary steps to protect its citizens and critical infrastructure against this ongoing threat. A senior administration official said that the President also called for agencies and governments to improve their defenses in order to face this threat. 

A few words more about this. The President truly meant what he said after the Geneva summit. He said that we would be evaluating this process and assessing Russia’s actions over time. According to the official, the President stated that he had spoken for six months. This is not just a conversation between President Biden or President Putin. This is about strengthening our nation’s resilience in the face these attacks. According to the senior administration official, that’s the main purpose of the cybersecurity executive order.


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