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Pocket Camp Communication Error How Do I Fix?

The guide outlines the most typical fixes to that pocket Camp Communications Error to allow players to get back to playing.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp or ACPC is a simulation that was launched in all its splendor all over the world. It is an amazing game created by Nintendo C. Ltd. The game is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. worldwide players can enjoy the game using their mobile devices.

A glitch occurred within the game, which prevents players from playing on their devices. It’s known as a communication issue. This is why we’re here to look at some most common solutions for pocket Camp communication error. Continue reading.

What is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is an online simulation game which is completely free to play. Nintendo C. Ltd releases the game and it’s available on Android as well as iOS devices All over the world. The game’s gameplay involves exploring nature, collecting cool things and making new friends. creating a fantasy world.

The gameplay is a re-creation of the renowned Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you like gaming on Nintendo Switch, you will appreciate the mobile version, too. However, some players are experiencing an issue with communication which we’re going to address to talk about the issue.

What is Pocket Camp Communication Error?

The Connection or Communication Error is a new problem that a lot of users of ACPC are currently facing and are attempting to find solutions to fix the issue. The problem is due to numerous causes, which include problems with internet connections and malfunctioning internet connections.

The error however causes a message (Support Code: 802-1-008-069-018). This indicates that there’s an error in communication which is hindering players from playing this game from their devices. They must discover the quick fix to the Pocket Camp communication error to restart their game.

What are the Quick Fixes to the Communication Error?

Verify your Internet Connection

As previously mentioned, the main reason for the error in communication is a problem with the internet. It is impossible to play the game offline, and they require internet connectivity in order to enjoy it. If your connection is lost or if there’s a broken connection the possibility of a communication issue could occur.

  • Try switching to the data option of your device, then relaunch the game to determine whether it’s fixed.
  • Reboot your router and restart the game to determine whether the Pocket Camp Communicator Error is resolved.

Reboot Device

Another option to correct the issue with communication is to restart the device. Rebooting will stop all applications that are running in the background and will give a fresh beginning to your system. It can also improve performance, which could help fix the problem.

Update the Application

If nothing is working for you then it’s an ideal idea to upgrade your application in order to correct the problem. Some users are reporting that their application has stopped running after installing the most current version. It is wise to visit your local application store to update your game application to fix the issue with communication.


I hope these fixes on Pocket Camp Communication Error can help you to enjoy playing the game once more. If you’re experiencing an issue with communication, follow these methods to fix the issue. In addition, you should be aware of the steps to take when you encounter errors to ensure that your game is running smoothly without interruption.

Do you play? Are you having trouble with the error? If so, then please indicate in the comment section what suggestions you have for the error.

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