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Pixowatch NFT Read Every Details Of Token Here!

Check out this article on Pixowatch NFT for be aware of the trends in the market and prices of a brand-new artwork NFT released this year.

It is evident that the NFT market is getting more innovative and imaginative as time goes by. In the last month NFT inspired by the work of art was released. Then, NFT is now available in the world of watch. Do you want to learn more about Pixowatch? Investors from Australia, the United StatesAustralia, and the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States want to learn more about Pixowatch. But, have you gotten all the information you need on one page?

We will give you the details on Pixowatch NFT..

What is Pixowatch?

Pixowatch is a non-fungible, token auction for the digital art (virtual) of watches that are unique which are kept on the blockchain. The auction began for six days at the beginning of March in 2021. However, it never meet the goal sales. So, the sales are extended. There were just 220 unique (1/1) Pixowatch released.

The idea behind Pixowatch is quite simple. You buy the digital art work of watches. You keep an eye on prices until Pixowatch increases. After that, at a desired gain, you can auction or sell the watches featured in. Three watchmaker firms provided auctioned watches for conversion to pixowatches.

  • Jacob & Co offered an SF24 Tourbillon watch that displayed currencies like XRP, Ethereum as well as Bitcoin, on the front of the watch in just 10-seconds of animated. The watch was auctioned off for $100,000.
  • Jean-Claude Biver launched the first Pixowatch that went on sale. He is a retired veteran of the industry. He sold his clients the Hublot Bigger Bang special piece (all black tourbillon chronograph). Biver had the watch for over 25 years. The watch was owned by Mr. Biver said that he will take advantage of the opportunities on NFT to create a new business. NFT market to launch something amazing.
  • Konstantin Chaykin offered a Joker watch that was auctioned off for ETH. It created over 42K digital photos.

Pixowatch NFT Founder:

The details about the person who founded Pixowatch is not available.

Price of Pixowatch:

  • Price – $207.88 (or) 0.050 ETH
  • Average Price –$635
  • Last 7 days 10th percentile price – $57
  • In the last seven days, Median Price: $309
  • Last 7 days 90th percentile price – $1738
  • Price Change 24h-not offered
  • 24h Low/24h High –$994.431/$687.597
  • All-Time High –On 20th October 2021, it was $1431.557. It was 225.44 percent higher than the price currently.
  • All Time Low –On 17th September 2021, it was $27.396. It’s 95.68 percent lower than the price currently.

Pixowatch NFT Market:

  • Trading Volume 24 hrs – $13064.347, 74.503%
  • last 7 days trading volume – $211k
  • Pixowatch has been sold the over the past 7 days 332
  • Owner Density – 0.00%
  • Max SupplyNot offered
  • Circulating SupplyNot available
  • Market Rank –Not Provided
  • Market DominanceNot offered
  • Market Cap Not provided
  • BlockchainsEthereum, Polygon and Klaytn blockchains
  • Platform – Open sea.


From the sales statistics The lowest 10% of PixoWatch had been sold to buyers for $57 or so. From overall sales about half of Pixowatch went for around $309 while the top 10 percent in the Pixowatch was sold at around $1738. It is worth noting that the Concept of Pixowatch NFT artwork is brand new. So, put your money into small amounts but with cautiousness.

Do you want to learn more information concerning the Pixowatch? Tell us your thoughts on Pixowatch.

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