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Pilotcool Reviews Is This Legit Or Scam?

Pilotcool Reviews is here to make you aware and give you all the facts about this shady site. Learn more about it.

Shopping online can be a lot more enjoyable when you learn about new websites that offer discounts for new customers. Do you think it is not commonplace? We will be discussing another awesome website that attracted our attention.

Pilotcool.com offers fun and cool clothing and accessories for both men and women across the United States, Canada and other countries. Is this site legitimate? Is there a loopholeand they’re fraudulent?

We understand that you are asking these questions. You can also go through Pilotcool Reviews and get answers.

What is Pilotcool.com?

Pilotcool.com can be described as an online store for clothing that offers hoodies, jackets dresses, tops informal suits, sportswear shoes, and more. It is a good thing that there are items made for both genders. The range of sizes for clothing can go up to 4XL sizes which makes it simple to find your ideal size.

The description of the product is provided as well as a comprehensive size guide. The products are currently sold at discounts of 40-50. According to the website the company is an international clothing store that offers fast service at great prices. So, Is Pilotcool Legit? Check out the article to discover the answer.

Specifications of Pilotcool.com

If you’re thinking of making online purchases on the site, make sure that you’ve review these policies of the customer along with other specifics of pilotcool.com and then take a final decision.

  • URL: https://www.pilotcool.com/
  • Category: global online fashion clothing boutique
  • Domain age: Registered on January 9, 2021, pilotcool.com has a domain age of 8 months and 24 hours.
  • Contact email: support@karliefx.com
  • Contact number not provided
  • Address of physical store: No store address or business address is listed, even though the website states that it is a service based in the UK.
  • Methods of payment: Pilotcool Reviews mentions that the site accepts payments made through PayPal as well as credit cards such as Visa, JCB, MasterCard and Discover.
  • Policy on refunds and returns Return and refund policy for 21 days is observed; refunds will be offered for clean and undamaged merchandise only.
  • Delivery and shipping policy: Worldwide shipping is available with tracking options the products will be delivered in the US within a week.
  • Social media icons are present Social media icons are displayed on the site only to be shared (not as a way to get their own social media accounts)

Pros of Pilotcool.com

In Pilotcool Reviews you will find below the benefits of purchasing through this website:

  • It has a variety of options to select from.
  • The size guide is complete. guide to help you avoid making any errors.
  • Products are on sale at reduced deals.
  • Accessory and clothing for women and men are readily available.
  • Free shipping worldwide on all orders over $59.
  • The website has used the HTTPS certificate.
  • The scanners that do not have this information don’t consider this website as being able to carry out or include malware-related methods.

Cons of Pilotcool.com:

  • No contact information is provided for proper purposes.
  • Low trust score
  • Not very well-known
  • Contains plagiarized content
  • The limited life expectancy of the domain

Is Pilotcool Legit?

Did you get the answer you were looking for? If not, take a look at the following information about this website and come to a conclusion

  • Age of Domain: 8 month and 24 days
  • Domain Expiration: 9th Jan 2022.
  • Trust Rank: 8.7/100 trust index
  • Alexa Global Rank: #5,076,960 in internet traffic worldwide and engagement
  • Customer reviews: the comments and questions from customers aren’t pleasing on social media.
  • Customer Policies: All policies are included.
  • Plagiarized content: The content along with the images are copied from other websites.
  • Connections to social media: After some digging, we were able to only locate their Facebook page.
  • Owner’s details: not revealed
  • Discounts that don’t seem real seem a bit unrealistic

Pilotcool Review from Users

We were unable to discover any testimonials on the Internet However, we did find the answers to customer questions in Pilotcool’s Facebook posts.

One customer asks the company when they will be shipping her items that she paid for. She claims that it’s been several months since her purchase, and she’d not received any reply. In the meantime another user says that she placed an order for the shoes in two sets, but have not received them yet. The user had made payment via credit card and she realizes that the website has robbed her.

The reviews and feedback they provide do not sound appealing However, are you contemplating buying from them? Tell us via the comment section below. Also, take a look at some of the Credit Card Scams.

The Final Verdict

Pilotcool Reviews included all the possible information on this attractive website. It’s a marketplace that houses independent fashion designers that are determined to offer unique top-quality, exclusive clothing items to their customers.

Don’t let this entice you. The site has duplicate content, a poor trust score, and a shorter duration of domain expectancy and negative reviews or reviews.

We do not advise you to make use of this site and you may want to look for authentic reviews from customers. Also, learn about PayPal Scams.

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