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Novad Management Consulting Scam Stay Alert!

The guide offers details about Novad Management Consulting Scam. Novad Management Consulting Scam, which has been a source of concern for many in America.

If you’re a holder of a loan you, you’re probably aware about the latest reverse mortgage scam being carried out throughout the United States. Mortgage service providers are committing the fraud to steal funds as well as the private information of the borrower.

The borrowers who had the letters from NOVAD are worried and insecure. They have seized the online discussion forums and social networks to discuss the issue and find out details about the Novad Management Consulting Scam.

If you’ve received the same type of letter as other are receiving, you should read the letter.

Introducing NOVAD

NOVAD Management Consulting is a mortgage service company that focuses on servicing the Single-Family Secretary held Portfolios of FHA and Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, as well as Limited Claims in the name of FHA and Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.

The company is full service minority-owned business that has a deep understanding of managing risk and program management Auditing compliance and financial services Portfolio and property administration, organization development and re-engineering business processes, and many more.

The company is now in the news due to a recent reverse mortgage scam letters which consumers throughout the United States are receiving.

What is Novad Management Consulting Scam?

NOVAD Scam is sweeping all over America and targets those who have reverse mortgages. The scammers are sending fraudulent letters to residents of the area to inform that their loan was given through Novad Management Consulting, and the remaining balance dues have to be paid directly to ISN Corporation.

The letter is delivered to the recipient via ISN Corporation address. ISN Corporation address, and the address and phone number listed in the letter are fake. After receiving the fake letter, people logged on to the forum discussion to find out more about the scam and to be able to report the scam.

Individuals who do not have a loan also been sent this Novad Management Consulting Scam letter. It is therefore advised not to respond or make any payments to the business mentioned in the letter.

Some More Details About the Scam

After reviewing the website the site, we came across some key factors that indicate it is fake and not genuine. These include:

  • This letter is claimed to come from NOVAD to inform loan borrowers that their loan was transferred.
  • The letter enjoins recipients to pay a second installment towards ISN Corporation, which has nothing to have anything to do with the lending company. Therefore, it is imperative that the Novad Management Consulting Scam letter is not to be taken seriously.
  • Users have also stated that they’ve never taken any loan or mortgage or loan from NOVAD as well as ISN Corporation, and hence it is not logical to pay these businesses.
  • Even those without a mortgage or loan have received the letter, showing that this is a fraud.

Some people have said that the letter is genuine letter, however no official confirmation exists to confirm the claims made within the email. Therefore, we encourage everyone to inform us about the scam and be secure by not ignoring it until confirmation is received from NOVAD.

To Sum Up

Novad Management Consulting Scam has been a source of concern for many across America Even those with no reverse mortgage have received the letter. However, until NOVAD issues the official proof, the letters should be avoided. In addition, you need to be aware of the best ways to stay away from fraud.

Did you receive the letter? Would you be willing to share what actions you’ve taken to address it in the comments section?

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