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NFT Lunaroid {January 2022} Check The Artist!

This post will discuss the NFT Lunaroid, who created it, and how it works.

Are you looking for information about the latest NFTs on the market? Are you familiar with the Lunaroid NFTs (NFTs for Lunaroid)? Are you interested in learning more about Lunaroid NFTs? If so, please stay with us.

On 20 January 2022, the public minting began for Lunariod NFT. People all over the world, particularly in the United States area, want to know more about the new NFT. This post will discuss the NFT Moonroid, its artist and where you can buy them.

What is Lunaroid NFT?

Lunaroid NFT, the first NFT of high-intensive art to enter the Solana blockchain is backed only by a few unique NFTs.

Lunaroid is unique because of its NFT arts portfolio. This is supported by Lunaroid heritage, rare grades and excellent Lunaroid hierarchies.

The Lunaroid NFTs are stunning 3D artworks that have been carefully constructed to reflect true Samurai warriors. They were also coined to show their warrior nobility’s true genius.

According to reports, NFT Moonroid artwork may be the most striking form of NFT artwork found in the Solana area. It has been carefully constructed to depict heroism and devotion. With its high-quality artwork, exceptional hierarchy, and rare finds, the Lunaroid NFT collection is unique.

Yaniv, a Lunaroid NFT artist, was determined to make the program stand out and also provide something unique, extraordinary, daring and deserving such as the objective to help Zentaro, a shape-shifting Samurai, unite with his father in order to form a legendary partnership.

Descriptions NFT Moonroid

  • Items in Collection – There’s 8,888 Lunaroid NFT.
  • The NFT Price – Each Lunaroid NFT is 2 SQL.
  • Minting Limit: Each user can mint no more than 10 tokens.
  • Specialty – The first 3D art-intensive piece of Non-fungible token.

Who is the artist behind the Lunariod NFT collection?

Yaniv Shahar, the artist behind Lunariod NFT. He is a 3D artist designer. His paintings combine unique art with intrigue and a cyberpunk vision. Yaniv is a talented designer and currently works as an NFT creative design for NFT Moonroid.

What does the Lunaroid NFT do?

The Lunaroid NFT will be available in all major Solana NFT market. The Lunaroid team will create a proposal and polling process within the Lunaroid discord server in order to ensure that the program is sustainable and continues its upward development.


The Lunaroid NFT collection is unique 3D artwork featuring a masked robot Samurai in a Samurai-like shape and with the ability to shift Lunaroid. Each NFT has its own unique attributes, traits and rarities. There are many variations of Lunaroid. For more information, visit the Moonroid Twitter page.

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