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Nepal Plane Crash Wiki {Jan} Check Wiki Details Here!

This article was about Nepal Plane Crash Wiki. This article also included details on the passengers as well as the last moment images.

Is there a plane collision in Nepal? How many people were killed in the Nepal plane accident? How many people were on board the plane? Nepal was the worst place to crash a plane. Crashing planes have caused grief for people from India, the United States, Britain, and India. Four of the five Indian passengers who died in the Nepal plane accident were also killed.

The Indian passenger saw the horrifying images of the crash just before they died. To learn more about the Nepal plane crash, visit the Nepal Plane Crash Wiki article.

Nepal plane crash

The Yeti Airlines ATR-72 plane took off from Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu at 10:33. A few minutes before it landed, the plane crashed onto the Seti River Bank on January 15, 2023. On social media, the horrible news of the crash has gone viral.

The final moments of the plane landing visuals were shared by the Indian passenger via a Facebook streaming. Unfortunately, the plane crashed shortly after it landed. Around 67 people were killed in the air crash.

Who shot the Air Crash Video?

SonuJaiswal from India was the passenger who happily captured the Yeti airline experience. He shared the wonderful moment with three friends via Facebook. He captured the scenes from both the inside and outside of his plane and shared them. The exciting scene suddenly turned into horror. The Yeti airline plane crashed.

Nepal plane crash Investigation

Pushpa Kamal, Nepal’s prime minster, has formed a team to investigate this plane crash. This was the third-worst plane crash in Nepal in 30 years. There were 72 people on board the twin-engine ATR aircraft, which was being operated by Yeti airline. The Live visual of the airline accident was taken near a newly-opened Pokhara airport.

Rescue operation

Although 67 bodies have been recovered so far by rescuers, they didn’t expect any survivors. There were five Indians, four Russians, two South Koreans, and four Russians in the passenger list. Also, passengers traveled from Australia and France to Argentine and other countries.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath from UP expressed sorrow for the loss.

Nepal Plane Crashes Reddit

A passenger from India captured the final moments in Nepal’s flight crash on Jan 20, 233. The streamed video was shared and has gone viral on social networks. People have expressed their sorrow for the victim and their families.

Aircraft and Passenger details

The ATR 72-525 twin-engine turboprop turboprop was 15-years old when it crashed in Nepal. It was first transported to Kingfisher Airlines, as VT–KAJ in 2007. It was then delivered to Yeti Airlines in 2019

Four Nepali staff members and 68 passengers were among the victims of the Yeti airline crash.


At the final moments of the plane crash in Nepal, the Indian passenger caught some horrifying images. All countries expressed their sorrow at the loss. The government and authorities took steps to investigate the causes of the accident. This link shows the visuals of the Nepal plane crash.

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