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Moya David Death Photos {Jan} Know All Details!

To learn the truth about Moya David death photos and to find out where David is now, you can read this article.

David had an exciting day on Boxing Day when his Sudanese friend booked an entire plane for David’s flight. David shared the smiling photos of himself in the plane without snags. His fans in Kenya have shared the photos on social media with millions! However, did you know that Moya David death photos were rumours. Let’s examine the facts behind the rumours.

Moya Dave:

Moya was born in Kenya on the 1st of January 1988. False information about David’s death or accident is out. David is healthy and alive. We looked at his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and found the most recent posts from December 23rd to December 26th. David is 34, 11 months and twenty-seven years old.

David is a very energetic person. He loved sharing his talents with the community and bringing smiles to their faces. Based on David’s Biography, his dancing skills attracted the attention and he was determined to succeed. He danced on the streets and at the fruit-and vegetable market in his youth.

David stated in his interview that he was a radio station producer who performed many times and also used to sing. But, his instincts were pushing him to move.

David, also known by the Kisiitribe spelling Kisi, is a professional dancer. He discovered dance and became popular as a professional dancer in 2018. His TikTok channel was established in 2019.

More than 4 million people follow him. David is worth KES 12 millions. David received a Diploma of Journalism and Mass Communication.

David also provided dance moves to films and actors. David is also a content writer and CEO of DMK Captures.


Moya’s news about David’s death is a rumour. The internet does not contain any information about David’s accident. Yesterday, he flew to Sudan for a concert and shared the most recent photos via social media. David was not driving so his plane landed safely. It is not known why David’s news was reported.

Were you able to learn more about David’s well being? Please comment on the article about David.

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