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Marvel Future Revolution goes up for pre-order, promises open-world RPG experience

Marvel fans will be pleased to hear that a new title is coming this year. It’s called Marvel Future Revolution, and it will be available for both Android and iOS. You can pre-register the game by visiting the respective app stores. Although there is no release date, the Apple App Store suggests a September release.

Marvel Future Revolution is a first open-world RPG action video game. It is claimed to be different than the dozens of Marvel games that NetMarble has on mobile. It is free to play and features some of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel universe. The graphics and gameplay will be identical to the existing Marvel-based console games. When the game releases, pre-registration will get you a Marvel Comics costume.

Pre-registration for Marvel Future Revolution is now open

Marvel fans will start with a limited character collection that includes Captain America, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange. Netmarble plans to expand its character, region, gameplay, and in-game items.

Netmarble shared a preview of the gameplay in a pre-announcement briefing. You’ll be fighting alongside your favorite superheroes. Epic Missions will allow players to follow the main storyline and unlock side missions that give them access to sub-storylines. Multiplayer content, such as Blitz, Special Operation and Raids, will be available to players as they progress. Netmarble says that players will be able to show off their Super Hero skills in a variety of PvP modes. These include 1 vs1 matches, 10 vs10 matches with high-level players, and more.

Netmarble says that the storyline is “Marvel Future Revolution” and that it begins with many Earths converge across multiple dimensions to form an entirely new Primary Earth’. Players will work together as agents of the newly formed Super Hero team ‘Omega Flight,’ to confront the evil behavior of Super Villains and defend the universe.

It is said that the game will feature a 3D open world setting with multiple regions, including the New Stark City and Hydra Empire, Sakaar, Xandearth, Midgardia and Xandearth. These settings will see players face the most dangerous villains in Marvel’s history, such as Ultron and Kingpin’s thugs as well as soldiers of Hydra and A.I.M. Scientists. Other powerful boss characters include Yellowjacket and M.O.D.O.K. Thanos.

Netmarble also offers powerful customization options. You can now dress up Spiderman in some the most unique costumes in Marvel Universe and the MCU.


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