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Madamw Reviews Is This A Legit Store?

Are you confused as there’s no information on the site? Does this mean that this is an ad? Check out Madamw Review to find out more information.

Did you come across madamw.lt? There are kitchen, furniture bathrooms, and more incredible decor products. How do you purchase these items and are there any additional things you should be aware of? Yes there are.

This website has odd information. It’s difficult for you to verify its authenticity, hence we’ve brought you this report.

So, whether you’re or are from Turkey, Germany, Italy or even Italy, Germany or United States, read this Madamw Reviews article and know more about the website. So, let us begin.

What exactly is Madamw.lt?

It’s an online portal which represents the MadamW store, which is located in Lithuania. The store offers lighting, furniture, bathroom kitchen, mattresses and bedding products. There are kitchen appliances, bathtubs chandeliers, and more.

They are beautiful and luxurious. You can look through the sales area. However, you should be aware that this is an online site of an offline shop. You can find out additional details about this section. Is Madamw Legal section.

Particulars for Madamw.lt

  • URL: http://madamw.lt/
  • Home improvement products Website
  • Domain age 5 year old; 7 months, and 27 days 28/04/2016.
  • Contact email address: info@madamw.lt
  • Contact number +370 616 00034, +37046254936.
  • Address of the company: Kestucio g. 34 Vilnius, 09112 LT as well as the Lietuvininku A.4, Klaipeda, LT 92223
  • Payment methods accepted: these payment methods aren’t applicable to this site.
  • Return and exchange policies: this is a catalogue site to the MadamW store. Therefore there are no policies mentioned on the website.
  • Refund policy: no refunds are offered
  • Shipping and delivery policies Not given
  • Social media icons are present on: Instagram and Facebook

Advantages of Madamw.lt

  • Luxurious products
  • This domain’s name long-standing.

Pros of Madamw.lt

  • Mixed opinions received on social media
  • No information regarding the products
  • It is not an e-commerce site.

Is Madamw Legit?

  • Domain age Age of Domain: five years, six months, and seven days (28/04/2016).
  • Domain Expiry Date: 29/04/2022
  • Score for trust Score: 80/100
  • Trust Rating: 55.6/100
  • Alexa rank: Not assigned
  • Information about the owner: not disclosed
  • Customer policies are not listed.
  • Customer reviews Mixed reviews are discovered
  • Links to social media: Facebook and Instagram account Links are provided

There is no way to purchase the item online We believe that customers must visit the shop physically in order to purchase the item. This site is not intended meant for shopping online Therefore, there are no product or policy information are provided on it. It is viewed by customers as a brochure or catalogue site.

Madamw Reviews from Users

Reviews from customers are an important aspect of a site that confirms its credibility. For the website we are using today we discovered a number of user comments on the Facebook pages of their company. However, these are just ratings and do not provide feedback.

Do you have any details or feedback about this website that sells products for home decoration and other products? Comment down.


As part of The Madamw reviews we learned about this site. It’s poorly laid out and has no information about either the business or products. There are no policies nor an information section. Therefore, this site is not intended for shopping online.

You can also visit the showroom in person and make your purchase. Additionally, you can conduct research yourself to find this particular store for the best outcome.

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