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Lume Deodorant Reviews

About Lume:

About Lume deodorant

Topic:Lume deodorant reviews: Everybody wants to smell good when it comes to meet people. Nobody wants to stink and be a joke to everybody. Lume is a company that comes with a wide range of products that smells awesome make your day full of confidence. These products are made of perfectly natural ingredients. They are vegans that do not contain aluminum or baking soda. They are not only made for your underarms but also for every part of your body.

Let us see what the Lume brands store for you in the coming segment.

Overview of Lume

overview of Lume deodorant

Shannon Klingman was the woman behind Lume’s establishment. She was working for the well-being of women health. During her practice, she met with many people who struggle with bad body odor.   She decides to invent a solution of deodorants that can be used anywhere. With a lot of experiments, Shannon comes with the brand Lume. All the products of Lume are the formulation of 100% natural ingredients.

Every product has some benefits and negatives. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of the products:


  • These products are lack baking soda and aluminum which is the cause of skin allergy, irritation, and rashes
  • Doctors thoroughly tested and claim that it controls odor for 72 hours.
  • We can use this product in any part of our body and it will not leave a stain on your favorite dresses.


  • As the product is made from natural ingredients, it will cost you more than any other in the market
  • Lume is not delivered internationally. You have to be a resident of the US and Canada.

In the coming segment, we will introduce you to some of their loved products and their formulation.

Lume Sweet Lily Deodorant

Lume sweet lily deodorant reviews

Lume Sweet Lily Deodorant is a water-based deodorant stick. It is suitable for your underarms and private parts too. It is formulated with a skin-safe synthetic that provides 72-hour odor control. The scent of lily and gardenia will feel you fresh and confident throughout the day without worrying about bad odor. If you are comfortable with this scent, this product also comes with other scents like lavender sage and crisp juniper. Still if are not happy, you have an unscented deodorant that will help you to control odor. This comes with a pack of two and priced at $17

Lume coconut crush deodorant bundle

Lume coconut crush deodorant reviews

‘Lume coconut crush deodorant bundle’ has one stick and tube. You can easily apply it to your underarms. The travel-friendly tube allows you to control the amount to be used in an area.   The smell of the coconut will feel like a beach vacation. Other than coconut smells this product also comes with other healing scents like clean tangerine and bay rum. The stick will offer you 110 and tube 150 uses. The combination of two formats will let you test both.


Lume Deodorant Tube 2-Pack

Lume deodorant tube 2 reviews

Some people did not prefer the scented deodorants. Keeping in mind Lume has made Lume Deodorant tube two packs. They do not include any kind of masking scent or essential oils. Despite this, they are capable of 72hr odor protection. As they are in tube formats, Lume recommend applying pea-size quantity. Each tube will last 300 applications.

Lume mini Deodorants tubes

Lume mini deodorant tubes reviews

If you are new to this product then you can try Lume mini deodorants. This ample tube will help you with the type of product and scents. You can use these and can easily find out, which is best for you before buying the full-sized product. These sample tubes are 0.75 oz that allows 37 applications. Each application promises you 72-hour odor protection.

Lume Sun and Sand Soap Bundle

Lume Sun and Soap reviews

The Lume brand comes with a scented bathing Bar. These soaps are free of artificial dyes, SLS, and parabens. They are formulated with plants based essential oils.  This soap will give you relaxing bathing time with motorizing skin.  This soap also works as a base for shaving. It comes with various variants like warm vanilla, Lavender saga, and Jasmine Rose.

Lume Multi Packs

Lume multi packs reviews

Lumi Multi packs come with 3 full-size deodorants sticks of variant scents. Currently, three multipacks offered by Lume are three Scent packs, fall scent packs, and summer scent packs. All packs promised 72-hour odor protection and last for 120 applications

Deodorant Tube 3-packs

Lume deodorant tube reviews

This pack is the same as Lume multi packs. The difference is that it is the tube, i.e. you can use it where you want. The deodorants tube offers the same features as deodorant sticks. It also comes with variations in scents and lasts up to 300 applications.

Lume Clean Cotton Deodorant Wipes

Lume wipes reviews

These wipes have the same formula as the others above. The wipes are disposable, compostable, and biodegradable, i.e. they are not at all harmful to the environment.  You can use these wipes wherever and whenever you want to use them.  Nevertheless, one negative characteristic of these wipes is that they will not be guaranteed 72-hour odor protection.

Lume Deodorant Subscription

Lume brands come with a subscription program. Signing up for to program will let you to 10% discount on your desired products.  You can easily choose to delivery frequency according to your affordability.

What Do Customers Think

Lume reviews on online websites like Amazon and Walmart show that customers like Lume products very much. Amazon has an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 1439 customers.

However, with some good comes bad reviews too. Some customers did not like the product or it did not come up with customers’ expectations. Some customers have complained of irritation and allergies. Hence, it always recommends researching the ingredients before purchasing any products.

Is Lume Deodorant Worth It?

They are worth it. If you want to be natural to your skin then you must try it. However, it cost you more but when it comes to skincare it is worth the cost.

Lume Promotion And Discounts

There is no known promotion or discounts. For receiving the latest promotions, alerts, and discounts, subscribe to the newsletter from Lume Website.

Where To Buy Lume Deodorants?

You can buy all ranges of products from their Official website. Alternatively, you can also choose to buy products online via Amazon and Walmart.

How To Contact Lume?

If you have any queries regarding any Lume product, contact their official website or email them your questions. You can also send your queries via post.


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