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Which Loan Management Software Should You Use for Your Business?

With reliable software for managing loans it will maximize the monitoring of your repayments by minimizing the risk of making mistakes and forgetting. Diceus offers the solution to SMEs as well as large groups when you require a reliable tool, a cutting-edge and simple-to-use tool for managing financing as well as a variety of services for software development.

What is the loan management software?

Software for managing loans can help with business and individual loans and institutions, as well as multi-drawdowns that are structured, index or fixed rates and also real property, revolving consumer loans, financing for vehicles IT, etc.

It is generally able to monitor loans and their approval cycle, and to manage loans by calculating the interest rate and simulating the repayment timetable and the repayments, as well as to manage contracts that are sent back to the front office, and to manage the risk of activities and risks as well as automating transfers within the accounting. This is the top loan management software developed by the Diceus committed group.

the financing and loan management software that will meet your requirements

In the form of a license or SaaS Diceus will entice you with their simplicity of use and efficiency. The software can be adapted to every sector and size the software for managing loans and long-term and medium-term financing can handle:

Classic loans with either variable or fixed rates

Financial leases that incorporate the use of IAS or IFRS standards

Leases on financials

Long-term rental with either or without “buyback.”

The Spots

He will perform the accounting restatement for leasing and financial leasing, personalised reports to meet your specific needs centralization of control of finance files.

You can customize it by determining which axes to analyze based on geography, activity, by material. You can also organize it according to banks, groups, banks as well as banks, lenders, accounts, currencies.

What exactly is the Loan department?

The loan service is how an organization of money (a credit specialist) collects premium, head and escrow payments in arrears or overdue. The course covers a broad array of loans, but they also manage contracts. The home loan can be described as an amount of money – provided by a home loan bank or moneylender which allows a person to purchase a home. Although it is possible to use credit cards to pay for the whole cost it is more typical to obtain an advance for about 20% of the property’s estimate. They are among the most popular.

Home loans are frequently upheld by the public authority or an associated office (an administration-supported substance or GSE). Private banks or GSE typically will not be able to serve the loans they buying. It is usually the responsibility for the mortgage institution to fulfill this obligation, however the bank could also re-appropriate the aid.


  • Loan servicing is the most well-known method of collecting installments from advance and dispersing groups in question.
  • The director is a component of each installment as installment to allow for the adjustment of the advance.
  • The banks were usually accountable for adjusting and making advances until the business rendered the company less productive.

Where do the service payment go?

The entity or person responsible for reworking the credit – also known as the administrator – transfers installments to a variety of people. It could be linked with the advances:

  • Premium and head installments are paid to the home loan bank or the financial backers who own mortgage-backed securities (MBS) Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) contracts. MBS is an MBS is security sponsored by a resource which exchanges the market for an optional one and allows financial backers to gain from the business of home loans.
  • Home loan trustees and Guarantors Pay the fees for payments
  • . should be liable for assessments and protection on the obstruction of assets

Other areas that installments could be made (contingent on the advance the terms of it, as well as the financial backing companies included) include dispossession implementers conduct screens and credit/term reconstruction areas of focus.

The department of loans

The loan service is now considered a business in itself. While it is essential to the financial industry following Securitization, Securitization is a risk that the board apparatus is used to reduce the risks associated with the default of resources owned by individuals. Banks and other financial administrations have changed the fundamentals of money in general. The process of adjusting delinquent credit has been less effective for banks. In the present, banks typically create new credit and then transfer their administration rights to a different monetary institution or an organization that has some experience in handling these kinds of advances.


The compensation for overhauling advances is similar to interest. The administrator determines an amount that is a minimum of the regular installments for advance that the borrower has to pay. They typically range between the region of 0.25 percent and 0.50 percent of each expense.

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