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The Best Websites for Listening to Video Game Music Remixes

The Top Websites to Listen to Video Game Music Remixes: Gaming on video is no longer just a pastime. It’s become an integral part-time job for many. The rising popularity that online games have gained has caused several service providers to launch online services specifically designed for streaming. Naturally, it is possible that you are able to find out the cost of gaming by calling the number Spectrum.

When did you last heard an original remix of your favourite video game? The world of video games has been providing us with great music for a long time. Be it the fantastic music of FIFA or SmackDown against RAW games, video game music remixes continue to shake into the world of music.

Do you want to know the best websites for remixes of video games? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out about the top sites to download remixes of video games.

  • GameChops

GameChops is among the most well-known video game-based record labels. They’ve released some amazing songs and compilations of remixes made for video games. If you’ve not been aware of their work, can you really consider yourself a gamer? GameChops have a loyal following who continue to offer 24/7 help for the remixes as well as albums.

You can browse their music on a variety of streaming platforms, like YouTube, Spotify, and Amazing Music. The tracks and remixes they have released have garnered millions of views as well as streams across these sites. GameChops is among the top record labels in the world of albums. If you’re a lover of whole albums, you should consider giving GameChops the chance.

  • OverClocked ReMix

Don’t say that you’ve never been aware of OverClocked ReMix aka OC ReMix. It’s one of the top websites for video game music remixes around the world. The label has been in existence since the beginning that of Sega Dreamcast. For those who aren’t aware of the year 1999, it’s 1999. From gamers to professionals in the industry, everyone is a fan of OC ReMix. The best partis that the site lets you browse the music collection of particular games.

The label has created some of the top remixes of games in video. A lot of OC ReMix creators have found jobs in the gaming sector because they were employed by OC Remix at some point. This is how great this platform has become. It hosts an impressive collection of video game music. While you might not be able to discover the exact remix of every game’s music however, you’ll be able to locate some amazing music.

  • SoundCloud

My personal favourite and one of the most popular streaming music sites on the web. The music sharing and hosting platform has been operating since 2007. One word can be used to describe SoundCloud as a service that is too good. The streaming service has been responsible for the launch of the careers of a variety of artists. In addition, it comes with an amazing collection of remixes for video games.

Although SoundCloud does not have an area specifically for video game remixes However, you can still discover many great tracks by searching for video game tags within the description. SoundCloud is among the most well-known streaming services for music. It is home to millions of songs by many artists. If you’re looking to listen to different remixes SoundCloud is the perfect location to begin.

  • Newgrounds

Newgrounds was established in 1995 at the time that the first PlayStation was launched throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. The music remix business has taken the web by storm after its launch. A number of the world’s most famous figures played on the site back in the past. Even though Newgrounds does not anymore web’s king but it’s still an important player in the world of video game music.

Many artists continue to use Newgrounds to make original works and some of the site has been devoted to hosting remixes of video games. It’s worth noting that the section dedicated to video game remixes is active on the website since 2003. There are pros and cons and Newgrounds isn’t an exception to this. You’ll need to input what the player’s name is that you would like to listen to the music of.

  • Remix.Kwed.Org

The greatest aspect of Remix.Kwed.Org is the aesthetics and the layout. Retro fans will appreciate the site for its graphics which look remarkably similar to the original Windows 2000. However, Kwed is one of the top websites for finding remixes of music from video games. It is vital to remember that you’ll only get music remixes that are based on Commodore 64 music.

You may be thinking about what the reason is behind why Kwed is committed for hosting C64 remixes. There are a lot of good reasons. One of the main reasons is the Commodore machines were the source of many iconic songs back in the days. A different reason could be that people who were children in the eighties are able to recall nostalgic memories about the Microcomputer.

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