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Lipozene Review 2019 – Is it real or a scam?

Lipozene Review 2019 – Is it real or a scam?

Lipozene was developed by Obesity Research Institute LLC to aid in weight loss. It is a weight loss supplement.

The company claims that the pill will always yield results. The company claims that the pill can help anyone lose weight, even if they continue to eat unhealthy diets. This should already be a warning sign.

Lipozene’s primary ingredient is Glucomannan. It is also known as “elephant-yam” and comes from the Konjac plants’ roots.


The glucomannan component is designed to make you feel fuller for longer periods of times. This means you won’t eat as frequently and your calorie intake will be decreased. This can lead to weight loss.

Glucomannan has water-soluble characteristics, which make it easier to absorb water.

The pill will absorb water and expand when it hits your stomach. It also means that food stays in the stomach for longer. It also reduces the amount of nutrients your body absorbs such as protein and fat. This means you retain less calories from what you eat.

It promotes and increases the good bacteria in your stomach. This can affect your weight gain and make it less likely.


Natural ingredients make up Lipozene. Lipozene is primarily composed of glucomannan, as mentioned before. It is a blend of Amorphophallus Konjac.

The pill also contains other ingredients. These ingredients include:

Magnesium silicate is a mineral that helps you lose fat by increasing your metabolism.

Gelatin is a substance that helps to control calories and reduces cravings.

Stearic acid is a substance that prevents bad cholesterol and fats from accumulating and suppresses your appetite.

Here’s a list of ingredients that Lipozene does not contain:

Acai berry

Cayenne pepper

Chromium picolinate

Garcinia cambogia

Green coffee

Green tea extract


Raspberry ketones


Vitamins B6, and B12

Lipozene contains glucomannan as its only ingredient. Although it is an effective and efficient weight loss tool, it does not make Lipozene the best dietary pill on the market.


According to the company, the only side effect of the dietary supplement is stomach discomfort.


This product is the subject of many complaints. There are far more complaints than compliments about this product. Amazon has about 40% of its customers leaving 1-star reviews.

This information should be taken into account when you decide whether to purchase this product. It is quite strange that so many people have negative comments about this product.


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