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Linkiom Reviews Is Website Legit Or Not?

The article outlines all the possible guidelines that could be used for the newly-launched website. Scroll down to find more details that are authentic about Linkiom Review.

Are you searching for the top site to shop? We can see that the holiday season is going all around and everyone is looking to purchase new clothes to their wardrobes to look better.

Therefore, I am providing details about an interesting website known as Linkiom.com. You can buying a variety of products under one roof for all ages. The business is located within the United States. If you’re interested in knowing more about the popularity of the site and products then you must look through reviews on Linkiom reviews to know more about it. Let’s look at it.

What is Linkiom.com?

Linkiom.com is a site that is brand new on the market that creates and sells fashionable products. It is also associated with the glory labs as well as Amazon .com which is a service for advertising marketers and programmers.

The company is committed to offering customers safe and enjoyable transactions and an opportunity to share your feedback and questions to all. The site’s design is vibrant with a wide range of sections for women, men and children and other.

As a buyer should ensure that the site is authentic or not. We have to verify whether Linkiom is a scam or not to make sure that we purchase a safe product. So, don’t forget to check the information on it.


  • Site: https://linkiom.com/
  • The creation date for the website is 10th June, 2021.
  • Address: Buyers won’t discover an address for the business.
  • Portal: Fashion clothes and other items that are suitable for all-purpose
  • Number of contact: There is no number for contact is available.
  • Email ID: There is no email ID that is available. Buyers can reach us via our contact page.
  • Shipping Policy: The company has no website for shipping policies
  • Return and exchange not mentioned
  • Refund Policy: We can’t locate any policy on refunds.
  • Payment method: Not explicitly stated.
  • Social media ink – Social media icons are accessible on the website, however they are not working. Additionally, we are unable to find genuine Linkiom reviews.
  • Cancellation Policy We can’t find any information regarding how to cancel the Policy.

Pros of Linkiom.com

  • The company provides a wide range of clothes for women and men.
  • The site is SSL secured and guarantees online transaction security.
  • The website has partnered together with amazon.com as an affiliate partner. So, buyers can look up the products of this company on Amazon.
  • The company employs the GDRP method to safeguard our personal data.

Cons of Linkiom.com

  • The website makes use of cookies that automatically collect information from us.
  • It’s a new site that was launched
  • The address isn’t provided.
  • In analyzing reviews of Linkiom scam When we look up reviews for Linkiom Scamor otherwise, we see the website has an extremely low trust score.
  • Fake social hyperlinks are available on the website. It will direct us to where.
  • Privacy on Linkiom is quite long and somewhat complex.

Do you think Linkiom a legitimate website?

To confirm the authenticity of the site We must be examining a few of the important factors that need to be matched since it is dependent on it. We will look at the criteria for Linkiom.

  • Brand Creation Date: 10/06/2021
  • The age of the domain is less that 6 months.
  • A trust rating of 22% is very low, and isn’t very reliable.
  • Social media presence There are icons for social media on the website, but these icons are not functioning correctly. This means that it’s impossible to verify Linkiom Review.
  • Content that is plagiarized: The site has nearly 23% of duplicate content.
  • Missing Information: contact details
  • Personal Information of the Owner: This isn’t explicitly stated.
  • Brant’s popularity: it’s not well-liked by customers.
  • Broken Link: This website has broken links
  • Review of Buyers: Reviews from buyers are available on Amazon that are linked to the merchandise from this company.

The information above does not verify the legitimacy that the site has. However, the website is connected to Amazon so you could see some reviews. However, we can’t think of the website as legitimate.

What are Linkiom Reviews?

We all know that the success of the site is contingent on the feedback of users. The user reviews are posted on the site in star form. These reviews are connected to Amazon with which the business is associated.

However, we weren’t found to see its popularity on Trustpilot as well as any other platform for social networking. The website appears to be brand new, which means buyers have yet to leave comments regarding their sweatshirts and other items offered on the website. We suggest that everyone who shops online learn everything you need to be aware of Credit Card Fraud to ensure safe shopping.

Final Verdict

When we look at the entire discussion of Linkiom Review it is apparent that the website’s existence spans just six months old, which isn’t enough time to be embraced by people who use it in the marketplace as well as on social media platforms. Therefore, as an end, we are able to say that this particular site isn’t trustworthy due to its insecure operation and absence of information. We recommend that customers read everything you need to Be Aware of About the PayPal Scam.

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