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Leni Robredo Achievements See Full List Here!

The page provides an overview of Leni Robredo’s accomplishments and her latest update. Find out more about her on this page.

Hello readers, this page provides the information and achievements of famous and inspiring women who have served as public service workers, social activists, as well as Filipina lawyers. She usually works in the Philippines.

However, Leni Robredo was the first to come into the spotlight and caught the attention of many women after she was elected the 14th vice president in her country. Many women today adore her and would like to know more about Leni Robredo’s accomplishments as vice president.

If you want to be informed about the real-life achievements in the life of Leni Robredo, make sure to click here and download her education overview.

Who Is Leni Robredo?

Being such a strong educator and leader, Leni Robredo is a Filipina lawyer as well as a social activist as well as public serving public. But she’s not restricted to just those positions. She is also the first female president.

The name of her birthplace is Maria Leonor, but she’s mostly known under the Leni Robredo at present. Her birth date was 23rd April, 1965. She currently serves for her country, and is currently being added to the Leni Robredo Achievements list.

She worked as a champion for gender equality and female empowerment. In recognition of this, she was honored from the Thai government in Thailand on the 16th of January, 2016 in recognition of her remarkable work.

Family Overview

The Husband DILG Secretary and former the mayor of Naga city, formerly (Jesse Robredo). Robredo)

Children Children: Three kids (Jillian, Tricia and Aika)

Father: Judge of the trial court of the Naga city area (Antonio Gerona)

Mother: Name is Salvacion Sto. Thomas

Personal Information

We already have a general idea about her that is revealed in the link above. We’ll now move to the Leni Roberto Achievements list in the next discussion.

  • Full Name: Maria Leonor Santo Tomas Gerona Robredo
  • Nickname: Leni
  • Birthdate: 23rd April , 1965 with a age of fifty-six.
  • Home Town: Camarines Naga City, Philippines
  • Her Net Worth as of the year 2020: P11.9 million

Latest Update

On the 2nd of October, sources reported that the president visited in the town of Capas, Tarlac, along with Dr. Tricia, her daughter for the vaccination for the people who belong to the Aeta community.

She was transferred into the city of Magarao after her departure from Naga city to be a candidate for governor.

Leni Robredo Achievements And Projects As The Vice President

Quick and efficient actions are that were taken during the pandemic driving vaccinations including distribution of face masks and ppe kits, as well as food packs on a regular basis

Social services initiative across the remote areas, focusing on villages

  • Training for job seekers is provided to all school graduate in collaboration and US agency for advancement internationally
  • Support for micro-entrepreneurs as well as community
  • The professionalization of the office of Vice President, with ISO certification
  • The highest-rated audit rating of the Audit commission
  • These are just a few of the accomplishments that she was able to achieve as a Vice President.


Each and every detail of Leni Robredo achievements and plans for as Vice President is now revealed in front of you. Additionally, we can discover more details about her childhood and professional career and information regarding her educational qualifications.

Do you agree? Are you convinced that she is an inspirational persona or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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