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Jeff Puzzle Reviews Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Jeff Puzzle Reviews can help you determine which is the best site to buy online for puzzles for your children or not.

Are you unsure of what you can buy your kids this Christmas season? Here’s an excellent idea- why not purchase the kids a top-quality wooden puzzle? We came across an online store selling similar products.

With delivery internationally to countries such as that of the United States, jeffpuzzle.com seems like the perfect site for shopping online. But, we need to investigate the history of this website Read reviews on Jeff Puzzle and discovered additional details about the credibility of this online store.

Keep reading to learn about all the details in this article.

What is Jeff Puzzle?

Jeffpuzzle.com is a website online offering a wide selection of wooden puzzles for children to play with. The puzzles are sold at affordable prices and you can discover the perfect game for boys or girl.

There are many puzzles to choose from: Dolphin puzzles or Purple Butterfly puzzles, cartoon Dragon puzzle, Fox puzzle, and perhaps Koi Fish puzzle. You can also pick the dimensions of the puzzle, ranging from small to large, dependent on your child’s age.

But Do you think Jeff Puzzle a legitimate company and trustworthy? Find out more here.

Specifications or Key Details of Jeffpuzzle.com

Here are some important information of jeffpuzzle.com which will provide you with an idea of the company’s terms and conditions for customers and its policies:

  • URL: https://www.jeffpuzzle.com/
  • Categories: wooden puzzle toys seller
  • Domain Age: Registered at the end of July, 2021 The domain age of this site has been set at two months, 11 days.
  • Contact number: No phone number is provided.
  • Location of the store/company Location: Building D 5/F, No.16 Changhong Road, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province.
  • Email address: support@jeffpuzzle.com
  • Pay methods for payments: Jeff Puzzle Reviews note that the only method of payment that the company accepts is PayPal the only one.
  • Policy on refunds and returns The policy allows customers to return items within 30 days after their purchase. The items should be unopened and in the original packaging and condition and the company will contact you of the approval or denial of refund after an examination of the item.
  • Exchange policy: The company will exchange orders only in the event of a defect or damaged.
  • Delivery and shipping policy: The company provides the delivery of goods internationally to all countries including Canada, the United States and Canada.
  • Social media icons present: none

Pros of Jeffpuzzle.com

Jeffrey Puzzle Reviews provide below a list of advantages of buying online at jeffpuzzle.com:

  • It is a retailer of low-cost and top-quality goods.
  • They will deliver the product directly.
  • There is no minimum order amount necessary.
  • HTTPS protocol was discovered on this domain
  • Any blacklist engine does not detect it.
  • Purchase three items and receive an additional 5% discount.
  • Buy items from the closing sale and get discounts of up to 90.
  • The domain-based email is available.

Cons of Jeff Puzzle

  • Website recently launched
  • The site is not well-known.
  • It has been criticized by customers. reviews.

Is Jeff Puzzle Legit?

  • Domain Age 2 Months and 11 days 30th July 2021
  • Domain Expiration Date: 30th July 2022.
  • Trust Index: 4.5/100 trust score
  • Alexa Global Ranking: #1,466,243 rank was attributable to jeffpuzzle.com for worldwide online interaction and traffic
  • Plagiarized content: We found several plagiarized pieces of content on this website.
  • Policies for customers: nearly all customer policies are listed
  • Customer Reviews: Mixed reviews on Trustpilot customer reviews with regards to jeffpuzzle.com
  • Address’s originality: Not many details are available regarding the address of the company.
  • Information about the owner’s identity: not divulged
  • Discounts that aren’t real: the deals are too attractive to be real

Jeff Puzzle Review by Users

The site might not seem to be lucrative, you should look over these user reviews that are available on the Internet concerning jeffpuzzle.com.

One customer said that she purchased the puzzles for her children and they were thrilled with the puzzles. They are beautifully designed, attractive and present a brand new game for children.

In contrast, some users described this website as one of a “scam puzzle site” and claimed that the majority of fraud websites are the same. He warned customers and readers to beware.

Do you have information you’d like to share with Jeff Puzzle? Comment below.

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Jeff Puzzle Reviews include every detail about jeffpuzzle.com which is a website that provides JIGSAW puzzles.

There are many loopholes on the site. The company claims on its Refund Policy section that the last update was in March 2021. However they registered the site in July 2021. Customers have provided mixed reviews and feedback about the site. So, we advise you read reviews from customers and then make your purchase with care. Also, don’t be oblivious to reading about PayPal scams!

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