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Ita Airlines Website Read To Book Travel Tickets!

If you’re thinking of traveling to various areas of the world via Italy through Alitalia Read this article on the Ita Airlines’ website.

Did you hear about the news on October 14th that Alitalia airlines had declared bankruptcy? ITA started operations worldwide on 15th October, when it took over Alitalia. Now Alitalia is ITA Airlines. Alitalia was an old airline that originated from Italy. Did you have the knowledge that ITA has pledged to carry on the tradition?

ITA will only accept the products and services from Italian companies, like automobiles as well as renovations, dresses, etc. Let’s take a look at what HTML0 Ita airlines website HTML2has to provide.

What is ITA?

Alitalia is in existence since 1946. It joined forces together with Air One in 2009. Air One, at that the time, had filed for bankruptcy. Alitalia had failed several times to make money, due to the fact that Etihad airlines had terminated its financial support in the year 2017. This resulted in the Government placing Alitalia to auction.

When the government failed to reach agreements with a number of airline companies because of the effects on the Covid pandemic it was decided to buy Alitalia into Italia Trasporto Aereo S.p.A (ITA). This means that ITA is entirely owned and controlled by government officials in the Ministry of Economic and Finance, Government of Italy.

Tickets can be booked through the Ita Airlines website since alitalia.com has shut down its operation.The website provides information on:

  • Booking
  • Check-in
  • Flights
  • Information on flights
  • Organise your excursion
  • Travel documents
  • Assistance with special needs
  • Children
  • Animals
  • Handbags
  • Checked baggage
  • Special baggage
  • Check-in
  • Info online check-in
  • Check-in times are limited.
  • Priority gates
  • Travel classes
  • In-flight
  • Electronic devices
  • Special meals
  • Entertainment
  • Additional services


  • Phone number not given
  • Address not given
  • E-mail Address is not available
  • Contact person not provided. not given
  • Owner Contact Information Contact Information for Owners of HTML0 not available
  • Website Type – Air ticketing
  • Address of Ita Airlines Website – https://www.itaspa.com/content/itaspa/itaspa-pl/en/homepage.html
  • Policy on Privacy is clearly stated
  • Rights of the passenger that are clearly mentioned, as well as details about privacy Ita Spa conditions Of Carriage, Carrier Liability, Delays And Cancellations, alternative Dispute Resolution
  • This network is specified regarding the destinations that are served

Important note:

The European commission had demanded the European commission to ensure that Alitalia should not keep the brand name because it would give the appearance of continuity. Therefore, the Government should sell Ground handling program, maintenance and combined aviation separately to a third-party. The report also suggests to ensure that the MilleMiglia program cannot be transferred. Therefore, the government must sell the slots separately.

The credibility of Ita Airlines Website:

  • Website Age –21/Nov/2021
  • Website TRUST Score – 68% (Average)
  • Linking to Social Media not included.
  • Popularity – 493933 (Medium)
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites– 2/100


There aren’t any reviews or ratings for the ITA Airlines website since it began selling tickets for flights on October 15th.

Final Verdict:

www.itaspa.com is a legitimate website. However, because it been selling tickets for sale recently various options, including customer support aren’t operating. Be aware that there are restrictions that are mentioned above, under that Ita Airlines website operates. So, it is recommended to renew the MilleMiglia program as well as other services provided by third-party authorized websites that sell ITA tickets.

Are you interested in learning the details about the ITA? We would love to hear your opinions via our ITA website.

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