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Is Really Dead Kurama Read Here For Full Truth!

The article Is Really Dead Kurama discusses the Japanese manga and its most recent chapter. If you’re a lover of manga, then you must read this article.

Are you looking forward to watching Anime? Are you intrigued by The Magna series? Who is Kurama? What is Boruto? Find out what you can regarding Boruto. Boruto series.

Boruto is an Manga series that follows to Naruto. The story is about Boruto, the younger son of Naruto from the time of the

‘Naruto’ Manga series. The manga series is popular throughout all of the Philippines, Canada, United States and around the globe. The world is stunned after the end of chapter 55 and are wondering if Kurama is really dead. Kurama.

Details on Boruto (Next Generation of Naruto)

This Japanese manga debuted on the 9th of May, 2016, and is currently running. Boruto was created by Masashi Kishimoto and Ukyo Kodachi. Illustrations created by Mikio Ikemoto. It is an adventure and fantasy genre.

A tale of a young boy called Boruto Uzumaki. He is the son of village chief Naruto Uzumaki. According to the tale, he’s confronted by Kawaki. Boruto is part of a ninja squad. This is the sequel to the original story that follows Naruto and the Ninja team.

An Anime collection was created inspired by the manga in 2017. Find out more.

Is Really Dead Kurama?

In the newly released chapter 55, a acquaintance in the recently released chapter 55, a close friend of Boruto, Kurama, has passed away. The twist in the plot has left fans and readers in stupor. They’re certainly not thrilled to watch Kurama go to the grave.

Kurama was one of the tailed monsters in the manga “Boruto”. To put it in more detail, Kurama was a nine-tailed Fox, and they’re difficult to kill However, in the latest chapter, he was killed. Kurama died due to the power known as Baryon which Naruto utilized. However, Kurama was a liar to Naruto and he didn’t realize that when he used the force, Naruto could be killed.

To answer the question, is it really Kurama Dead? Kurama? Yes, unfortunately, Kurama the nine tailed Fox (beast) has passed away.

Summary Of 55th Chapter

Naruto and Kurama made use of baryon power which caused Kurama weak, and eventually led Kurama to the brink of death. A fox that was nine-tailed informed Boruto that it was time to say goodbye. He also gave Boruto the reasons for why Naruto could not be killed.

Kurama admitted the truth that was revealed after using baryon force that he was going to pass away. However, he did not tell Naruto about the incident. In addition, Sasuke’s powers are removed; he can’t make use of his Rinnegan from this point from now on. What is the plan for Sasuke as well as Naruto do to make things better right now?

Is Really Dead Kurama? This is the question that people are asking and there are several more loss. The two are currently trapped in a time-lapse and nobody knows how to break it. What happens next to Naruto as well as Sasuke? To find out, we need to wait until the 56th chapter.


Boruto is the sequel to Naruto. Many people around the world seem to love the manga. The plot twist, the fantasy, and adventure are among the reasons that have led to the series having millions of fans across the world. You can watch the show to find out more.

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