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IS CLASSYFAST SCAM OR LEGIT {Jan} It Is Scam or Legit Website?

IS CLASSYFAST A SCAM? Or Legit? Get exclusive information about that you won’t find anywhere else. It is scammed or legit? Read reviews from customers and learn more about its features.

Classyfast.shop. You have probably visited Classyfast.shop.

Get all the information about Classyfast.shop to help you decide if Classyfast is a scam.

Classyfast Legit Or Not?


  • Classyfast Creation –5th Jan 2023.
  • Classyfast Age –16-days.
  • Classyfast. Last update on 5th January 2023.
  • Classyfast Expiry –5th Jan 2024
  • Classyfast life expectancy 11-months and 14 days
  • Trust Score –27%
  • Business ranking –1.2%
  • Domain Authority1/100
  • Source-Iceland may be considered a country of high risk.
  • Registerar-Namecheap, Inc.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity-22%.
  • Threat Profile –88%
  • Phishing Score38%
  • Malware score –13%
  • Spam Score –88%
  • Alexa Rank-Zero.
  • Status Blacklisting-not blocked.
  • Security-HTTPS protocol
  • SSL status –itsIP has a low DV –SSL certificate for the next 73 day.
  • Classyfast Owners Identity and Contact- Withheld For Privacy EHF Paid Services can be used to censor the information.


IS CLASSYFAST LEGIT OR SCAM? Classyfast review indicates that Classyfast.shop is a new online shop that sells smartwatches, clothes, and shoes for women. The landing page did not index several pages of shoes and accessories.

Challengecool.shop stole Classyfast’s mission statement, contents and pages. Classyfast does not sell

  • Three sports runners
  • 48 shorts,
  • 72 smartwatches,
  • One cook wear set,
  • A long-sleeve sweater.
  • 153 shoes.

Properties – Fraud or Legit


  • Buy women’s apparel and accessories at-https://www.classyfast.shop.
  • Cost- between $7.99 & $39.99
  • Email address-service@classyfast.shop, a genuine business email account.
  • Terms&Conditions-stolen by challengecool.shop and plagiarized
  • Privacy policy Stolen from Hallengecool.shop and plagiarized
  • Locator –Classyfast doesn’t have physical stores.
  • Delivery Policies –orders can be delivered between 12 and 4 weeks.
  • Shipping policy –free shipping available for orders more than $39 and orders less than $39 are subject to $6.95.
  • Not Available on Classyfast. Classyfast claims that it will inform customers about its tracking number.
  • Cancellation Policies –cancellation is possible before shipment is complete within 24 hours.
  • Classyfast No cancellation fee
  • Returned Policy –returns are accepted by Classyfast in 30 Days.
  • Restocking fee-no fee.
  • Exchange –customers can initiate an order for exchange within thirty days.
  • Returns Policy –refunds for cancellations and returns will be credited back to your purchase wallet within seven to fifteen days from the original method.
  • PayPal Mode-via Visa MasterCard & Amex in US$



  • Shop offers fashionable smartwatches and accessories for women
  • A combination of 278 items can be purchased at a very low price
  • Was that a scam, or legitimate?
  • It is possible to navigate to all products with the Search options.
  • Many colors and sizes are available for smartwatches and clothing


  • Challengecool.shop plagiarized cancellation, refund, and exchange policies.
  • Customers may order up to 9995 units of the exact same item through Classyfast
  • No details are available about the contact person, social networks links and physical address.
  • Classyfast customer service is not easy to reach
  • Classyfast: 60% Discount on
  • Poor user interface with no sorting/filtering options


Is CLASSYFAST a scam or legit? Classyfast doesn’t allow product reviews, blogging, or any other type of content. This is a big problem. Twelve reviews on Classyfast.shop as well as one YouTube review indicate that it is a fraud. Classyfast.shop accepts credit card payments only

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