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How To Get The Golden Skull Trooper Read Here!

The article is on how to obtain the golden Skull trooper in Fortnitemares. Fortnitemares event. Go through the following write-up to learn more about Skull trooper too.

Are you looking to have the most current skin design on the battlefield? Are you already familiar with the alternate version that is The skull trooper? This article will cover the latest update to the spooky theme which is included into Fortnite with the Halloween update.

The players from the United States and elsewhere in the world are excited about the new, guided version of this skull-trooper. We’ll start our discussion about how to obtain the golden skull trooper.

What exactly is the Fortnite game?

Fortnite is created by Epic Games, first released in July 2017. It comes in three modes:’save the world and battle royale and the most recent one called ‘creative’, which is inspired by the idea of survival.

It’s the most played game , and has enjoyed a tremendous success. It’s season 2 chapter 8. The Halloween-themed skins are available in the most recent update, which includes Big Mouth (poisonous) and skull trooper (gilded) as well as the Gummy Fish Stick.

The other skins are Driftwalker, Jett, Masked Mercenary, Grisabelle, Graven, Costumed Corporal, Scantum (Crimson), Skull Ranger (Gilded). In the wake of the Halloween release skins, players would like to learn what they can do to obtain that golden Skull Trooper?

What’s the definition of a Skull trooper?

No matter which character you pick you are able to alter the appearance of the character in the game by changing their skins.

The skull trooper skin is a skin for Epic Fortnite officially added at Battle Royale mode. The first-time skull trooper became available on the 30th of October, 2017 to purchase along with the Halloween update, which was released in Chapter 1 of Season 1.

There are a variety of variations of the skull trooper available, including inverted green glow, white, glowing purple, as well as the newest one that is gilded.

More Golden Skull trooper:

Spooky season isn’t coming but Fortnite is updating its scarier skins and terrifying LTMs. Therefore, before you learn how to get the Golden Skull Trooper, it’s important to learn about this type of skin.

Skin trooper isn’t an entirely new skin, however this Golden Skull trooper is an extra style, and is updated. Gold skull trooper can be described as an Epic outfit that is part of the Skull Squad set. Golden trooper is part of Fortnitemares an event for Halloween in Fortnite.

Fortnitemares for the year ahead are already underway, and now you can buy several spooky products. Of course, the event cannot be complete without a gold Skull Trooper. The skin already arrived on the 12th of October and will be available in the coming days.

How can I Get the golden Skull Trooper Skin?

If you already have the Trooper skins from previous releases and you want to get it, then you can download this skin for free. Don’t be concerned in case you don’t have it from the previous release.

It can be purchased with V-bucks in the item shop However, you have to pay 1500 V. As of right now we have this information about the Golden Skull Trooper Skin in Fortnite. We’ll update this article with more information.


The most recent Halloween event is the most exciting event in Fortnite most likely and players are loving the event. It’s the Golden Skull trooper is an incredible skin type to be found in Fortnite, and now you have the information on how to obtain The Golden Skull Trooper skin.

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Do you own an Golden Skull trooper? Comment below and tell us what other skin type you have this Halloween.

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