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How to Clear Cache and Cookies on iPhone

Apple technology surpasses the competition in many positions. During the existence of the U.S. corporation, global users are fully convinced of the quality and reliability of its devices. Convenient and fast iPhone is one of the five most popular smartphone flagships on the planet. How to clear cache and cookies on iphone?

What is the cache and why do you clean it ?How to clear cache and cookies on iphone?

Modern smartphones are characterized by high performance, working quickly, and of high quality. But over time, the speed of information processing decreases due to the clogged memory of the device. A cache is a temporary storage of data that will be used by applications and the system to download pages, directories, pictures, audio, etc., that are already familiar to the user. It turns out that each previously opened page is stored on the device in the cache memory. And when the user visits it again, the loading is much faster.

So what’s wrong with opening pages of interest faster? For example, a Facebook or Instagram profile. There is nothing bad about it, but the more such data is stored in the cache, the slower the smartphone functions. Subsequently, the main part of the copies of this monotonous information is not used by applications and just lies “dead” megabytes in the cache of the gadget. To clear iPhone memory of such garbage, it’s enough to perform a few simple manipulations. As a result, you can save 1-2 GB of memory and not lose important data.

How to clear cookies on iPhone and browser cache?

To free up the memory of the iPhone you should first of all deal with browsers. Apple has equipped its smartphones with the Safari browser. In addition, users also install other popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and others. In the process, each of these applications caches all visited pages and data about the sites. As a result, the iPhone’s memory is full, and there is not enough space for other content.

How to clear cache in Safari on iPhone?

Access the Settings menu and navigate to the bottom of the page. Select the “Clear Website History and Data” option. This action deletes the cache, cookies, browsing history, and other information stored in your browser folders.

Clearing the Google Chrome cache on iPhone

To clear the cache in Google Chrome, launch the browser and click the three dots in the lower right corner. In the menu that unfolds, select “History”, then “Clear history”. In the “Time range” line, set “All time”. In the list, check all items except “Saved passwords” because no one wants to re-login to each site. Deleting the Google Chrome cache will quickly free up space.

How to clear the app cache on your iPhone?

The main memory on any cell phone is occupied by multimedia files and applications that work with images and videos. These include messengers, social networks, video hosting, and navigators. After clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, be sure to “go through the nooks and crannies of VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, and YouTube with a broom. This will go a long way in clearing the iPhone cache of debris.

Clean the cache of any applications can be cleaned in the same way as described in the section on browsers. But if you find an unnecessary program – delete it. This is easy to do through the menu of the main settings of the phone. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone, click on “Basic” and enter “iPhone Storage”. A full list of installed apps on your device will open. Find the “victim program” (for example, Viber), open its personal page, click “Uninstall application”.

How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone?

The Instagram mobile app is launched daily by millions of people on the planet. It eats up a lot of memory both in the gallery and in the cache of the program itself. To clear the Instagram iPhone cache, you need to open the application and click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then open the menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. In the expanded menu, go to “Settings”, then “Security” and finally, “Clear search history”. All recent searches will be listed. To delete this data, click “Clear All” in the upper right corner of the screen. 

However, the Instagram cache is the lesser of the evils. The main memory on the iPhone is filled with media files in the folder of the same name in the device’s gallery. If the user does not feel sorry for these photos and videos, deleting them will free up a few extra megabytes or even gigabytes of memory on the smartphone. The same rule applies to all messengers and mobile applications that work with photo, video, and audio content.


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