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Hastiworld in Reviews {May 2022} Is This Scam Or Legit Website

Does the ‘Hastiworld’ shop genuine? If you haven’t looked it up and are still unsure of the answer, go through this ‘ Hastiworld in Reviews article.

Are you contemplating remodeling your kitchen? Are you searching for an online shop that can offer contemporary kitchen appliances and appliances? If so you’ve come to the right blog.

This time we’re providing you with information about a shop which sells trendy kitchen appliances and accessories from India. The website’s name is Hastiworld and it is mentioned it is featured in the ‘ Hastiworld in Reviews article.

In addition, if you have doubts about the legitimacy of the site the blog will be able to inform you about this. Keep reading until the end.

Introduction to the ‘Hastiworld ‘ online shop:

The online market for retail is the best way to shop because you can make purchases at any time and from any location. With Hastiworld online shop you can purchase kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, kidswear, Dry fruits, and more. You can also purchase other items such as Toys, Shoes, and Bluetooth devices from the store. If you’re considering whether Hastiworld is Legit and if it is not go through the entire article.

However, they will be presented with the top menu that includes a category in which they will see all the products. In the catalog, visitors are able to determine their requirements by with filters such as ‘Sort by the most recent,’ ‘Sort according to popularity,’ or ‘Sort By Price,’ and so on. Each item is described in detail and a single image with pricing details. There aren’t any other information like specifications, colour choices and post-purchase details. Furthermore, each item comes with huge discounts on selling prices.


  • Store’s Link: https://hastiworld.in
  • Comments: Hastiworld in Reviews is no longer available.
  • Contact Number: It’s not currently available.
  • Email Address: help.hastiworld@gmail.com
  • The cancellation procedure is to send them a letter in order to take advantage of this policy.
  • Address Details: 54, Adarsh Market, Surat-395011, India.
  • Shipping Policy: According to the information the estimated time is between 5 and 20 days, based on the process of transportation.
  • Transport Costs: Free delivery service is available.
  • Exchange Policy The Exchange Policy is not clarified.
  • Refund Policy: valid, but it isn’t based on accurate information.
  • Return Process The return process takes 10 days. is accessible.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Stripe, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Master Card, etc.

Pros Hastiworld considered Legit :

  • A variety of kinds of items are available.
  • A huge discount on each item.
  • Many payment gateways.
  • It is active and valid “SSL Certificate.’
  • It has a trust score of.

Which are the negatives of this store?

  • The date of foundation for the site is not known.
  • Whois information is kept secret.
  • There are no comments available.
  • The site is not present through social networks.
  • The number of the contact is not visible.

Verifying the legitimacy of this website:

If you are a reader who is confused regarding the legitimacy of this site If you are unsure about the legitimacy of this shop, here are the most important points to aid you in determining the truth. Don’t miss this part of the ‘ Hastiworld in Reviews article.

  • Missing Data: Cancellation policy, contact number.
  • Domain ID: According to the name of the website this domain’s ID can be found at hastiworld.in.
  • Age of the Site The age of this website isn’t identified since the information is concealed.
  • Trust Rate: It’s average, at 50 percent.
  • Remarks: Reviews aren’t available.
  • Social Accounts: There are no account links are given.
  • Payment Gateways: Many payment gateways are offered.
  • Legality: It’s legal.
  • Broken Links: Not present.
  • Copyrighted Material (If Any) The majority of the data is identical data and 31% is pirated data.
  • Skip Pages 13 pages.
  • Authorized Holders: Fashion Deal is the authorized company.

Therefore, we must examine the situation a bit more thoroughly to confirm any information.

Hastiworld in Reviews :

Unfortunately the store did not receive feedback within the timeframe. In addition, we haven’t obtained any relevant feedback in the web-logs. The date of its creation is not known and we are unable to determine the number of days it’s been in operation. We’ve seen some interesting videos and blog posts written about the site.

The blogs and videos on the site show the details of the shop and highlight its low credibility. Its connection to community media is ‘Zero. This is extremely suspicious. Keep yourself and your family members secure from fraud by taking a look at the steps to getting refunds through Paypal.

Final Verdict:

In the end, we state that the website has some questionable information, even though it has an the average score for trust. There’s not a Hastiworld in reviews There are no social media links, no online promotional and no contact number and certain policies are unclear. You should revisit the shop to make purchases. Also, learn the procedures to receive refunds for the credit card. What do you think of this article? Comment below in the comment section.

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