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Harvinder Dhami Funeral: What Happened To Harvinder Dhami?

This article on Harvinder Dhami’s Funeral describes the funeral of a soldier who was honored for his service after he died.

Harvinder’s funeral took place with honor? Harvinder’s burial was held at which location? Did he die on duty? Many people around the world, including in Canada, are asking this question.

As per reports, Const. Harvinder died while on duty responding to a complaint. The people and officials treated his funeral with respect. Continue reading to find out more about Harvinder Dhami’s Funeral.

What was the funeral of Harvinder Singh like?

The funeral of a public official who died last week in an accident at work was attended by friends and family.

Const. Harvinder Dhami, who was on his way in the early morning hours of April 10th 2023 to assist other law enforcement officers regarding a noise complaint, died.

When was Harvinder Singh’s funeral held? When was Harvinder Singh Harvinder’s funeral?

Harvinder Dhami was a policeman who died while attending a noise complaint. On Thursday, April 20, 2023, in Sherwood Park, officials participated in the funeral procession for Const. Harvinder Dhami.

The casket of Dhami, draped in the Canadian flag was transported by a white hearse to the recreation complex. In anticipation of the cremation, hundreds of mourners gathered on Sherwood Park’s street.

Harvinder Singh Dhami died? Harvinder Singh Dhami die?

Const. Dhami was a Strathcona County Detachment Officer who died after driving in order to help fellow officers with a noise complaint. Dhami was a Strathcona County Detachment officer who died when his car lost control, and crashed into an enormous cement barrier east of Edmonton Road, in Sherwood Park.

Yaremchuk and Cheryl were positioned near the path of procession. They said that they were there to support the deceased official.

What was the style of her Obituary?

Ravinder Dhami Randhawa, Const. Harvinder’s widow, who was trying to hold back her tears, said that Harvinder is her. She described her husband as the most generous, optimistic and giving individual.

Ravinder Dhami Randhawa described the moment she learned about her spouse’s death during her tribute to her as a horrible experience. She said the knocking on the door would haunt her forever, as she spent twelve years with her spouse.

She said that since she met him, he has made her feel protected and safe. Harvey provided the protection and not an official.

What were Harvinder Dhami’s previous achievements before joining the police?

Harvinder worked for three years as a chef in Brampton, Ontario. He prepared meals for seniors Punjabi. Strathcona County victim services recognized him in January 2021 for his knowledge of the importance to provide post-incident assistance and let the victims know.

Gurvinder is a Const. Gurvinder Dhami, the Const.

Details about the Const. Harvinder Dhami Funeral services:

The service was held at Millennium Place Leisure Centre after the procession which began at Sherwood Park, Canada at 10 am and ended at Bethel Lutheran Church.

The officers and members of the public lined up to pay their last tribute to the officer. According to the RCMP, only first responders invited by them and their families would attend the funeral.

Harvinder Dhami Quick Wiki:

  • Harvinder Singh Hami was his real name
  • Harvey is also called Harvey
  • Age 32
  • Professional Constable
  • Wife- Ravinder Dhami Randhawa
  • Date of Funeral – April 20, 202020


Const. Harvinder Singh’s regimental funeral was recently held for Harvinder Dhami, who died on duty. His brother, his wife, his family and friends all recognized the service he rendered.

Has Const. Harvinder Dhami? Please post your condolences for the fallen personnel below.

Harvinder Dhami Funeral: FAQs

  • Harvinder dhami: who was he?


  • Harvinder Singh’s first posting was to which city?

Strathcona County

  • When did Harvinder Dhami graduate?


  • Where did Harvinder’s funeral take place?

Bethel Lutheran Church


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