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Happyindia 88 .com {Jan} Check Here!

This article will show you how to identify Happyindia88.com before you invest.

Do you love Sports? Are you a fan of betting in different betting apps? Are you sure the platform you’re using is legitimate? We need to look at the public opinion and assess the actual platform in order to determine if it is legitimate. This will reduce the chance of fraud. Everybody wants to be able to quickly make money betting on their favorite sports and players.

People are more likely to use betting apps as a way to have fun with their investments. Happyindia88.com is a website from Vietnam that is popular in India and other countries.


In the beginning, the owner created the website to allow people to gamble online and play casino games. People started investing in players and predicting winners during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Surprisingly, the website showed that the company had been leading for over 18 years. However, when we checked its domain age, it only has been in operation for one and a quarter years.

The website was growing globally and receiving positive responses from players and investors. India recently promoted the company using a new logo for the IPL matches. Happyindia88.com’s website developer has not changed, but all other details remain the same.

Specification by Happyindia88.com in order to determine its legitimacy

The company’s performance over the past year and five months is the dominating age. Domain creation: 11 Jul 2021 Domain expiry 11 July 2023 Email ID: Multiple email associates, including Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, China. Indonesia, India. Korea, Japan. Indian email: India_cs@m88.com. Alexa ranking: 3153080 Trust Score: 35% Social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Reviews from customers: Available on social media platforms, but could be more useful. Play Store rating: unavailable iOS rating: unavailable

A QR code is also available for downloading the m88 app. However, it is fake. This QR code will take you to Canva, a different application.

Happyindia 88.com

Many people are confused about happyIndia88.com. The website eventually contains a lot of false information. It is not clear if the contact number and email address on the website are available.

HappyIndia88.com claims they have apps for Android and IOS. However, there isn’t any such app. People cannot believe the platform is reliable and real if they see the fake reports and misguidedance.


It is well connected on many social platforms, and has few customer reviews to verify its legitimacy. We cannot guarantee that Happyindia88.com is the best betting platform.

We don’t recommend that you try to hide money or put your investments at risk. You are responsible for your actions.


HappyIndia88 is an emerging betting platform. This betting app is used by people from all over the world to invest and play. Recent developments in India include the promotion of betting sites and apps for IPL games.

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