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Gpo Heart of SOL Find Latest Information!

Are you interested in learning about Gpo Heart of SOL newest update? If yes, here’s entire details.

GPO (Grand Piece Online) discovered about Update 4, which got launched on September 12th 2022. GPO is most popular with United States youths and robloxians is an anime-inspired Roblox game.

The latest fourth Update received an overwhelming reaction, and players are sharing positive feedback regarding the most recent update within the game. This news has been causing a lot of controversy with gamers, we’re revealing Gpo Heart of SOL fresh updates on this page.

Take a look on this page if are interested!

About GPO (Grand Piece Online)

It’s a group of multiplayer games, dubbed Grand Piece Online.

This was a much-anticipated game in the 2020 Roblox game sea fearing that was developed by the game grand quest.

By doing this, players will find a variety of scavenging locations to find valuable treasures, exotic fruits that make the eaters stronger, or find hidden islands in the ocean.

Within Gpo Heart of SOL, you can also how to wager on powerful bosses as well as shattering crews in both types.

Current News About GPO Update

The community has published Update 4 of the Grand piece online game just two days ago. It will be to be released on September 12th, 2021 at 8.30 midnight.

It is one of the most played and is a single-piece game that draws its design from the Roblox anime.

This Update is believed to be a major update created by Gpo since it features 6 new island, mini-bosses and bosses who are new.

About Gpo Heart of SOL

In the game GPO the location called Heart of Sol resides inside the bar in the kingdom of desert. It is spawned in the middle of the counter.

But, the game now is introducing dozens of new game items thanks to the introduction of Update four, which was released two days ago. This update also grants the player access to Kraken core, which is the seldom-obtainable game item.

GPO Update 4 Patch Note and Update Log

  • New Cap level 325>425
  • New Cap Bounty: 50,000>75000

Name of The New Six Islands

  1. Alabasta
  2. Rovo Island
  3. Spirit Island
  4. Reverse Mountain
  5. Sashi Island
  6. Colosseum of Arc

The latest version to Gpo Heart of SOL introduces to this Six Islands

Improvements Made In New Update

  • The latest update has enhanced the loading screen.
  • Changes made to the intelligence NPC to prevent
  • Nine custom-designed New Pants
  • Ten shirts that are custom-designed for you.
  • Some of the most popular effects
  • The addition of a fresh moon-like texture
  • Introduced colosseums using tests models and dummies

Re-mastered sound effects were included such like Rokuogan, Rankyaku, Tekkai Jewels of light Magma rain Dia Enkai, Firefly Hike, Soru, Geppo and more.




This page is now closed which contained information regarding Gpo Heart from SOL as well as the information about the fourth update of Gpo which is being released right now.

The page also covered everything concerning Grand Piece Online game’s newest update.

Do you like the latest features included in Gpo? Comment below.

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