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Facebook Adds Soundmojis On Messenger

Facebook’s next generation of Emojis has been added to its Messenger platform, the Soundmojis. These Emojis will be similar to emojis but will have their own voice. Soundmojis will be added ahead of World Emoji Day. Messenger will have a full library of Soundmojis from the beginning. Facebook promises that more sound effects will be added to Messenger regularly. Messenger will have Soundmojis available for all chats. The current list includes sounds like evil laughter, drumroll, and clapping as well as audio clips taken from movies such as Bridgerton and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

What is a Soundmoji, you ask? This is basically the same as sending an emoji to a friend in a chat, except that there will be an audio clip along with it. If you send the clapping Emoji, your friend will be able to hear it for a few seconds so they can actually feel the sound. Facebook states that the current Soundmoji sounds are clapping and drumroll, evil laughter, birthday party, instrument, sound of a vehicle, and instruments. You can also find audio clips from Rebecca Black, as well as TV and movie shows like Universal Pictures’ F9 and Universal Television’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

How do I send a Soundmoji to someone? To send a Soundmoji you will need to open any chat within your Messenger app, tap on the smiley faces icon in the corner of the text box. This will open a second expressions menu that also has stickers and GIFs you can use in your chats. You’ll find a loudspeaker icon below the text box. This will be located in the bar at the top or the side of the newly opened box. Clicking on the loudspeaker icon will open the Soundmoji menu. Tap on Send to select the one you like. Before you send, you can view the sounds in preview. Simply open chat, tap smiley, select loudspeaker, select Soundmoji and click Send.

Facebook also provides information about India’s most loved emojis. According to them, the 18-24-year-olds, also known by Gen Z, love the red hearts, prayer and laughing emojis. The 25-44 year old group known as the millennials sends the most emojis: the red heart, birthday cake, and thanks emoji. Senior citizens (also known as the Gen X Boomers, which is the age group of 45-44 years old) find that the flower emojis, red heart emojis and prayer emojis can be used to express their feelings. There have been a few emojis that have seen an increase in usage recently. This should not be surprising.


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