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Eyezonethiopia Com Find A Donation Website Details

We provide a complete review of Eyezonethiopia.com an online platform that raises donations to aid the Ethiopian people. Ethiopia.

This website Eyezonethiopia was created in American and The website Eyezonethiopia was registered in the United States and launched just recently on both United States and Canada. The site was launched with the aim to help financially people from Ethiopian cooperation with a non-profit organisation, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency.

Are you thinking of donating the money to help those all over the world? Do you want to be sure that the money goes to the most vulnerable and poor? We suggest you go through this report of Eyezonethiopia Com.

Summary of Eyezonethiopia:

Eyezonethiopia is an non-profit site created to raise funds to fund the noble goal of aiding the Ethiopians. Ethiopia. It is owned by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency owns the site. The idea was created through Chapa Financial Tech. S.C.(Chapa). CBE has announced that it will pay 100% of cost of international money transfers.

Specifications in Eyezonethiopia:

  • E-mail address: info@chapa.co
  • address: House no. 755/41B Woreda 3. Bole Sub-city Addis Ethiopia. Ethiopia.
  • Contact information: not provided
  • Links to social media: Present. However, it redirects users onto Chapa websites for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s broken on Twitter.
  • Terms of service for Eyezonethiopia.com The Terms of Service are mentioned. But, plagiarize.
  • Privacy policy: Mentioned. The website informs users that it can store data from users. The user consents to receive MMS, SMS and text messages to your mobile number. Chapa could share your personal information with a third-party. The person who is donating must be 18 years old.
  • Owner’s contact information: not provided
  • Pay mode Major Credit Card brands

Possible Highlights

  • The site is easy to navigate and helps build confidence to make a donation.
  • Zero percent money transfer fee
  • Donations will be certain to reach the people of Ethiopia
  • Instant payments

Negative Highlights Eyezonethiopia.com :

  • The website convinces people that the information they provide for payment is safe.
  • There is no information on the donation amount is listed through the site.

Is Eyezonethiopia Legit?

  • The creation of the Domain 23rd September 2021 at 1714:39
  • Site Age Eyezonethiopia has been around for two months.
  • Website Expiry Date: 23rd September 2022, 17:14:39
  • Trustworthiness Eyezonethiopia only gained 22 percent (TERRIBLE).
  • Country of source: United States
  • The Proximity of Suspicious Web Sites 100/100
  • Security Profile for Threats:50/100
  • score for phishing: 50/100
  • Scan for Malware:31/100
  • Spam Score6/100
  • Social relationships Eyezonethiopia isn’t visible in Social Media, YouTube, FB, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Its Social Media link on Eyezonethiopia.com redirects users to Chapa social media pages. Chapa videos on YouTube covers technology information and not donations.

Review by customers

On Youtube there are videos that are related to Eyezonethiopia. They also discuss how to make donations. There are a few reviews online have warned that Eyezonethiopia might be a scam. There isn’t a feedback or comments page on Eyezonethiopia.com for contributors. There aren’t any reviews available from credible sources. The Alexa rank has been set at 820645(poor).

Final Verdict:

Eyezonethiopia was recently launched. The site has a low trust rating of just 22 percent. 100/100 as a suspicious website has raised eyebrows over the Eyezonethiopia website. There is a substantial risk score that makes it unlegitimate. The information provided by Chapa in Social Media is utilized to promote the cause of Eyezonethiopia. It will be helpful if you study the Credit Card scams as Eyezonethiopia accepts money through Credit Cards.

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