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Draymond Green Sabonis Video: What Happened To Draymond?

In this article, we explain in an unbiased and fair way why the Draymond Sabonis video is so popular.

On Monday, April 17, 2023’s most anticipated NBA game between the Golden State Warriors vs. the Sacramento Kings got underway. This match had the entire world on edge.

What, Where, Why & How? Be Prepared!

SAN FRANCISCO – The video of Game 2 – of the Warriors-Kings series – has left many people wondering and thinking.

Could Green have managed to escape the grasp of Sabons? Where was the best place to release Green’s foot?

Dumars and Myers did not go into detail about their conversations with Green, or any NBA player, when they spoke to Dumars Tuesday night. Steve Kerr, Bob Myers and Kevon both had questions.

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All of these incidents were televised and released on Reddit

The clipping was widely shared on Youtube.

Sabonis falls unintentionally due to a lack of balance. If Green had meant to do this, he would have allowed Sabonis’s hand to fall from his feet. It was unnecessary to stomp on his chest.

Draymond did not apologize for the mistake. He got into a fight instead with Kings fans who condemned Draymond for his actions.

Draymond’s true face was clearly visible to the public. Green was then ejected from the game for injuring the opponent.

There was an interview after the match regarding the stomping issues. Greens stated that this was a post-season game and everyone was here to fight their team and franchise.

Wojnarowski was the player who condemned this violent act and said that he did not regret his actions.

Green’s interview caused an uproar among fans. Golden State Warriors issued an official Twitter statement, stating it was an accidental injury and Green should not have placed his leg at that particular location.

Golden State Warriors won despite the incident. The Warriors scored 114 to defeat the Sacramento Kings.


No updates have been made on the suspension of Golden State Warriors’ player Draymond Green. Everyone is trying to win matches with their own willpower. The greens don’t understand that they can only win against their opponent. Draymond Green Stomp Videos have taken over the Internet in lieu of his victories.


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